The Great Battle on the Volga

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The film tells about the Battle of Stalingrad. Monument to the fallen soldiers on the Mamayev Kurgan. Various delegations lay wreaths at the monument. Newsreel. View of the burning city of Leningrad. Anti-aircraft guns on the streets of Moscow. Hitler's soldiers dominate occupied Belarus. Fighting in the besieged city of Sevastopol. German troops are moving towards Stalingrad. Combat operations at the front. The city of Stalingrad. City bombing. Residents are digging trenches. The commander of the Stalingrad Front, General A. I. Eremenko, and a member of the Military Council, Nikita Khrushchev, are discussing a plan of military action. Air battle. Crossing the Volga river. Fights in the city. People are working in the rear: in Central Asia, in the Urals. They work on machines, harvest. The offensive of three fronts: Stalingrad, South-West and Donskoy, under the command of Generals A.I. Eremenko, N.F. Vatutin and K.K.Rokossovsky. Fights for the city. Katyushas are shooting. Soviet tanks, infantry and cavalry are advancing. Columns of prisoners are passing by. Field Marshal Paulus in captivity. Nikita Khrushchev speaks at a rally in the liberated city of Stalingrad.
M. Slavinskaya
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the second world war
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B. Vakar, M. Golbrich, D. Ibragimov, I. Katsman, I. Malov, M. Poselsky, N. Vikhirev, I. Goldstein, A. Kozakov, A. Krichevsky, E. Mukhin, G. Ostrovsky, A. Sofin, B. Shadronov
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