The Great Flemish

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The film is dedicated to the outstanding artist Peter Paul Rubens. Antwerp. Monument to Rubens on the square. Street of the city of Ghent. City of Bruges. Travel through the canals of the city. Cathedral of Notre Dame. Paintings by Rubens "Exaltation of the Cross" and "Descent from the Cross". Italy. The cities of Genoa, Venice, Leantua, Rome, where Rubens studied the works of the geniuses of the Italian Renaissance. Portrait of Rubens with his wife Isabella Brant. Vaarsh street, on which the Rubens' house stands. Carved door of the house. Gallery with sculptures, a flower garden in the courtyard of the house. Dining room. Armchair. Painting depicting Rubens' children. Portrait of Helena Fourman - Rubens' 2nd wife. House-Museum of Rubens. Stand of drawings, letters from the artist. Rubens' room, workshop. The painting "The Love of a Roman Woman", "Thomas the Disbeliever", portraits of the burgomaster Nicholas Rokoks, Adriana. Paintings: "Stab with a spear", "Prodigal son", "Venus Frigida", "Adoration of the Magi". Hall of the Brussels Museum. Study of the head of a negro. Paintings "Sinner", "Climbing Calvary", "Victory crowns the hero", "Return of Diana from the hunt", "Bathsheba", "Hunting for a wild boar", "Hunting for lions". Leningrad. Hermitage. Rubens Hall. Painting "Perseus and Andromeda", "Union of Earth and Water", "Rainbow", portrait of a maid. Church of St. James in Antwerp, where Rubens is buried. Chapel, tombstone. Painting "Holy Family".
I. Bessarabov, Y. Monglovsky
Film ID
, museums
, cities
, a family
, painting
Number of Parts
I. Bessarabov, Y. Monglovsky
Other Creators
text L. Volynsky, announcer L. Khmara, sound engineer Z. Uzdin, consultant B. Vipper
Release Date
Has Sound

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