The Great Mystic

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The film tells about the work of the film director S.I. Paradzhanov. 1st part. Spectators in the lobby and in the cinema hall. The projectionist turns on the projector. S.P. Parajanov on the set. Fragments from the feature films "The First Guy", "Ukrainian Rhapsody", "Flower on a Stone", Ashik Kerib "," The Legend of the Suram Fortress "," Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors ". Photos of S.P. Paradzhanov in childhood. Newsreels: views of Tbilisi in different years; townspeople on a city street; a meeting of townspeople on a square; street trade; a tram passes through one of the city streets. Part 2. Photos of S.P. Parajanov in the circle of family and friends. Fragments from feature films "The Color of Pomegranate", "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors", "Ashik Kerib". S.P. Parajanov Museum in Yerevan. Museum exhibits: photographs, documents, collages from pieces of dishes, buttons, feathers, shells, hats. Interview with S. P. Paradzhanov, in which he talks about his lack of demand (sync.). S.P.Parazhdanov on the set. S.P. Paradzhanov talks about cinematography and filmmakers (behind the scenes). Newsreel footage: performance of participants in the prison amateur performances; presentation gifts to prisoners - participants in self- sti; prisoners work in the quarry. 3rd part. Patient S.P. Parajanov at home among friends. Fragments from the feature films "The First Guy", "The Flower on the Stone". "Ukrainian Rhapsody". House in Tbilisi, where S.P. Parajanov was born. Courtyard, staircase in the house.
A. Marumyan
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, urban transport
, cinemas
, places of detention
, armenia
, cities
, georgia
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D. Fedorovsky
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There is no data
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