The Great Victory of the Soviet People

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The film is based on the filming of front-line cameramen - participants in the Great Patriotic War. The bombing of the cities of Western Europe by fascist aviation. The destroyed burning city of London. The Nazis are passing through the city of Paris. The city of Leningrad during the blockade. Defense of the city of Odessa. Construction of defensive barriers on the outskirts of Moscow. Anti-aircraft artillery, aviation repels the raids of fascist aircraft on Moscow. Parade of Soviet troops on Red Square on November 7, 1941. The offensive of Soviet troops near Moscow. Residents of the liberated towns outside Moscow meet Soviet soldiers. Battle of Stalingrad. Captured Nazi soldiers and generals. The landing of allied troops in Africa, in Sicily. Fighting of partisan detachments on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus. Soviet aviation, tank units, artillery in the battles near Kursk, Orel, Belgorod. The troops of the First Ukrainian Front are crossing the Dnieper, entering the city of Kiev. Landing of Anglo-American troops in Normandy. Liberation of Poland by Soviet troops. Fights for the city of Berlin. Soviet soldiers are hoisting the Victory Banner over the Reichstag. The signing of the acts of surrender of Germany, Japan. Nuremberg War Criminals Trial. Performances of neo-fascists in West Germany. Launch of a Polaris missile from a submarine. Antiwar demonstrations in England, Austria, West Germany, USA. Nikita Khrushchev's speech at the United Nations Organization (UN).
F. Kiselev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, international workers solidarity
, international organizations
, borbazamir
, military unions
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Sound technicians I. Gunger, D. Ovsyannikov, script N. Shpikovsky, assistant director G. Egorova, A. Karpetkin, Y. Kochanovskaya, K. Starokadomskaya, music producer I. Schweitzer, announcer A. Zadachin, sound designers P. Ivanova, M. Chizhova , artist I. Nizhnik, consultants V. Ivanov, V. Kurasov, I. Mints, A. Ioffe, editor Y. Smirnitsky, directors Z. Simagina, E. Smirnov
Release Date
Has Sound

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