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A film about a forest area artificially created to protect the city from sandstorms - the green ring of Volgograd. Numerous alleys and squares, trees and bushes along the roads, lawns with blooming roses adorn the monument-ensemble "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" on the Mamayev Kurgan, the monument-obelisk to the defenders of Stalingrad and Red Tsaritsin, Volgograd streets. Meeting of Volgograd foresters. On the table is the "Map-scheme of the green zone of Volgograd" The green ring blocks the path of the sand masses and softens the harsh continental climate in the city. Special forest planting machine-tractor station with tractors, seeders and many others. others provide foresters with the necessary equipment. The nursery grows seedlings for planting. The tractor loosens and fertilizes the soil, conducts chemical treatment of plants. The planted trees in the forest belt are regularly watered. Water flows through the irrigation canals. For new plantings, deep plowing of the land is being carried out, mechanized planting of seeds and seedlings from a tractor is underway. Orchards are laid out in the forest belt. Young people pick apples and cherries. Berries are sold on the streets of the city. There are sanatoriums for recreation of Volgograd residents in the green zone.
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