The Guerrillas Returned to the City

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Krasnodar, March, 1943. Fighters of the partisan detachment "Grozny" go through the forest, to the city of Krasnodar, liberated by Soviet troops from the German occupation; among them - the teacher Nina Georgievna Legkodymova and the dressmaker Fomenko. The commander of the detachment - Nikolai Yakovlevich Bashtovoy looks at the city through binoculars, then hands the binoculars to the commissar of the detachment Grigory Fedorovich Krivoshein - the secretary of the Kaganovich district committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Panorama of the city. View of the road leading to the city. The partisans walk past the destroyed factory club, approach the ruins of a measuring instrument factory with destroyed workshops, walk past a captured, wrecked truck. Former partisan engineer Fomenko tells partisans what the factory was like before the German occupation. Teacher Nina Georgievna Legkodymova walks with a machine gun down the street of Krasnodar. Schoolchildren leave school, run down the street to meet their partisan teacher, walk along the street with her. A group of people is standing at the advertisement, in front of the entrance to the factory. The announcement invites workers and women workers to restore the plant. After reading the ad, people enter the building where the hiring is taking place in the HR department. The head of the personnel department of the plant, Kostritsyn, issues job referrals to young girls. Restoration work on the territory of the plant. The director of the plant, a former partisan Fedenko, sits on the ruins, with a drawing in his hands; together with the mechanic at the burnt dynamo. A tractor with a trailer drives through the territory of the plant, in the back of the trailer there are surviving machines.
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the great patriotic war
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