The Heroes Are Stepsons

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A film about the participants of the Second World War D. I. Shchapov, N. I. Zhuzhom, M. Devyatayev, N. Bantysh, Lozhenitsyn, R. Shambara (France), A. Dzhebrailov, V. Ya. Pereladov. The heroes of the film talk about their lives, share memories of the war (synchronously), meet with friends, fellow soldiers, comrades-in-arms in the struggle. Tallinn city. Sea shore. Neva River. Boat movement. The city of Vorkuta. The territory of one of the Stalinist camps. DI Shchapov and his camp comrades lay flowers at the place where the monument to the victims of Stalin's repressions will be erected. Cemetery for prisoners. Laying flowers. Ukraine. Hero of the Soviet Union N. I. Zhuzhoma at work, at a demonstration. Monument at the grave of N. I. Zhuzhoma. School Museum named after N. I. Zhuzhoma. Among the awards of N. I. Zhuzhomy - the Silver Star of the United States for the rescue of the American landing force, who was surrounded. Kazan city. M. Devyatayev with his family at the dacha, with friends on the river bank, cooks fish soup. The city of Kerch. Fishermen launch a longboat into the water. Surf. N. Bantysh at the helm of the launch, in the quarries of Adzhimushkaya with fellow soldiers. France. Memorial to the participants of the French resistance on the Mont-Valéry hill. City of Motoban. Former partisan, member of the Resistance, farmer R. Shambar talks about Armed Michel - A. Dzhabrailov. V. Ya. Pereladov with his family. Moscow city. Tanks in the streets. Smoke from the windows of the White House building. The people at the building. The wounded. The funeral of the victims. Chronicle of the Second World War: a meeting of soldiers who returned from the war at the Belorussky railway station in Moscow; Leningrad blockade; life and rest of German soldiers; forcing the Dnieper River; Soviet military aircraft in the air, pilot at the helm; Rocket Research Center on Peenemünde Island, W. von Braun - Head of the Center, rocket launch, [A. Hitler accompanied by officers at the Center]; a military plant in Germany; prisoners of one of the concentration camps are digging a trench; German military aircraft in the air; [pass] members of the French Resistance.
E. Vermisheva
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places of detention
, leisure
, repression
, government
, cities
, a family
, home life
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S. Kuzminsky
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