The Land Was

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The film tells about the problems of environmental pollution in Moldova, associated with the disposal of pesticides waste at landfills in Moldova. Part 1 General view of the Chishmikioi ravine in Gagauzia, which is a natural monument and is protected by the state. Storks nest on the roof of the house. A flock of birds is flying in the sky. A nursing baby sits naked on the drought-cracked ground. General view of the cracked surface of the earth at the site of the landfill, where all waste of pesticides from all over Moldova is brought. Types of wheat field and sunflower field. A team of two donkeys is carrying a cart with children along a country road. Landscapes of Moldova: fields, hills. A team of two horses pulls the cart along a rural street, the driver drives the horses. A foal is walking next to the cart. The pig is sitting in the stream. General view of the harvested field with straw rolls. Two rolls roll over the field from the wind. Waste of pesticides descend from the tank of the truck to the ground, which, like a stormy river, flow along the surface of the earth. Type of burning waste at the landfill. The tractor plows the collective farm field. General view of the inscription "LAND KAZNA, A WATER IS GOLD" on the territory of one of the farms. The bulldozer drives through the wetland, rakes the ground. An ox carries a cart along the road, in which the grandfather and his grandson are sitting. An elderly couple - a man and a woman are sitting at the sign "KOLKHOZ named after L.I.BREZHNEV". General view of a plowed field on the collective farm named after L.I. Brezhnev. Panorama of a stack of straw in a field. A view of the landfill area in the area of collective farm lands, where pesticide waste from all over Moldova is brought. A donkey carries a small wooden cart along a rural street, in which an elderly man sits and drives a donkey with a stick. A group of collective farmers are sitting in a field, having lunch during a break, they say (sync. and off-screen., in Moldovan language with off-screen translation) about the terrible neighborhood of collective farm lands with a burial ground of pesticides. Women say that the harvest suffers from such a neighborhood, and the amount of nitrates in vegetables increases. General view of the sign at the site of the landfill with the NDP “CAUTION! POISON!". A group of male collective farm workers say (sync. In Mold.) That the question of liquidating this landfill was repeatedly raised, that it became impossible to drink water from an old well, tested for many decades. One of the men present at the meeting asks a question in the frame (sync.): Why is the burial ground of pesticides located on the collective farm lands, after all, everything around has already been poisoned? When the decision was made to open this burial ground, it was a secret, no one consulted with people. All those present say that it is necessary to liquidate this burial ground, because the harvest suffers, which, due to the large amount of nitrates, no one wants to accept, they say: eat it yourself. A shepherd drives a flock of sheep along a dusty road. View of an abandoned well, from which people took water for many years. General view of collective farm pesticides, which are stored in a dilapidated room with open access. Part 2 Children ride in wooden carts on the downhill road. A panorama from the road to the village of Chishmikoy (Chishmikioi) in Gagauzia spread out in the valley. Signpost on the side of the road with the NDP “TAKE CARE OF THE NATURE! NATURE MONUMENT CHISHMIKOYA RAVINE IS PROTECTED BY THE STATE. The woman is walking along the road. A group of adults and children at the old well. Men say (sync. And off-screen. In Moldovan language) that they are forced to drink water from this well, they have nowhere to go, and there are many sick people in the village. But for some reason people are told that they are dying of wine. But the water in the well absorbs everything that is buried in the burial ground. General view of cracked earth and poisonous slurry spreading over the landfill, where hundreds of tons of pesticide waste are dumped. General view of the sign with the NDP "POISON PROCESSED!" on the territory of the collective farm orchard. A type of fruit tree with fruits that should not be eaten due to the excessive amount of toxic substances in them. General view of the monument to a collective farm woman with a basket of grapes (the monument is painted in different colors) in one of the villages of Moldova. The foreman of one of the collective farms Ion [Kostrubin] says (sinhr.) About what crops would be harvested on the collective farm if the land had not been poisoned with pesticides. A sign with the NDP “RADIOACTIVITY! DO NOT ENTER!". Combine "Niva" in the field, where scientists have identified the source of radiation. The type of sign indicating the presence of radioactivity. View of the road going through the forest. Type of the consequences of a landslide in one of the rural settlements. A woman and two children walk along the road past destroyed school buildings and residential buildings. Architect Alexei Palladiy, who is engaged in designing in the village, says (sync. And per shot) that people, at times, are themselves to blame for the consequences of certain natural disasters, such as landslides, because they are sometimes built without taking into account the features of the terrain. General view of the Orthodox Church, which stands in spite of any natural anomalies, since it was built according to all the rules, taking into account the natural zone. Panorama of one of the villages of Moldova. The 106-year-old long-liver of the village says (sync.) That the land is good, you just need to work properly - take care of it like your own horse. The agronomist of one of the farms says (sinhr.) That he was severely punished for having ordered to burn old grass, and this led to a fire in the forest. Now he pays 25% of his salary for the damage caused to nature. Panorama from a plowed field to a truck driving along a country road. Waste of pesticides is poured from the tank of the truck, which flows like a river through the territory of the landfill. A flock of sheep walks along a dusty road. A kind of abandoned land on which nothing will be born as a result of pollution with pesticides. Children ride a cart on a country road. View of an explosion in a ravine. The kid sits on the plowed land and cries.
Ion Miza
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, christianity
, water supply
, roads
, landscapes
, cartage
, ecological disasters
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Kulyabin
Other Creators
screenwriter D. Olerescu, sound engineer E. Kuchuk, editor V. Aghajanian
Release Date
Has Sound

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