The Leaders of the Chinese People Mao Tse-Tung and Zhu-De

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1h Mao Tse-Tung and the commander of the headquarters of the 8th Army (located on the territory of the Special Region) at the location of the 8th Army; 2h Chiang Kai-shek conducts in Nanyu, in a monastery, a meeting of army commanders after the fall of Hankou. Chiang Kai-shek with his wife at a villa in Hankou. Numerous rally in commemoration of those killed in Guangdong province (1939) (197, 7). 3h Partisans 1938-1939. Railway sabotage by guerrillas in Guangdong province during the anti-Japanese war of 1938-1939. (180, 5-neg). 4h Military training of the 8th Army and Kuomintang units (156). 5h National Day in Urumqi (Xinjiang) Sept. 1938 (191, 0). 6h The 8th Army is building a city in the Yagnoni mountains-caves (166, 8). 7h Military-Political University of the Chinese Red Army in the Yanaka Mountains (272, 9) 8h. Promotion of the 8th People's Revolutionary Army and Kuomintang units in the north (288, 6). 9h Military operations of the 8th army and partisans (157). 10h Military operations of the 8th Army (101). 11h Destruction in the years. Guplin, Chapsha, Chongqing and in the Yanan regions (270, 5). 12h Destruction and evacuation of the population in Hankou (195). 13h The 8th Army helps the peasants to harvest rice (95). 14h Japanese prisoners of war. Trophies (61). 15h The crossing of the 8th army across the river. Yellow River (74, 6). 16h Special area: Yan'an city, rural area (90, 9). 17h Campaigning of young patriots from the Shin-An school (193, 3). 18h Landscapes and cities of China (108). 19h Various meetings and rallies of soldiers of the 8th Army. Speech to the fighters of Chou En-lai (155, 2). 20h The formation of the Kuomintang troops, a demonstration in Chongqing (134). 21h The highest command staff of Chiang Kai-shek's army is engaged in the Military Academy (133, 4).
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wars and conflicts 1st half of the 20th century
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