The Lessons of AA Goncharova

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The film tells about a unique method of preparing students - joint training of future directors and actors. This method was adopted at the Department of Directing of GITIS, headed by People's Artist of the USSR A.A. Goncharov. Entrance exams at GITIS. The head of the directing department A.A. Goncharov, teacher A.A. Vasiliev take entrance exams. Applicants read excerpts from works of art (synchronously). Rehearsal for first-year students (synchronously). Department meeting (synchronously); there are teachers E.M. Arye, L.E. Kheifets, A.A. Goncharov. A scene from the performance of first-year students based on the story of N.D. Teleshov in the workshop of the teacher P.N. Fomenko (synchronously). Students show sketches based on the poem "Giraffe" by NS Gumilev. A fragment from a student performance based on the comedy by William Shakespeare "The Taming of the Shrew" in English (synchronously). Department meeting (synchronously); there are teachers O.Ya. Kudryashov, M.A.Zakharov, P.N. Fomenko, A.A. Goncharov. Rehearsal of second-year students on the play by A.P. Chekhov "Three Sisters" (synchronously). Department meeting (synchronously); there are teachers A.E. Kheifets, P.N. Fomenko and others. Rehearsal of third-year students of a scene from the play based on Lipskerov's play "School with a theatrical bias" (synchronously); the rehearsal is conducted by director A. Girba. MA Zakharov with students is analyzing the next production. Rehearsal of fourth-year students of a scene from the play "The Golden Key" (synchronously); AA Goncharov is present. Rehearsal of the graduation performance based on Stoppard's play "Rosencrantz and Gildestern are Dead" by a student director from Greece S. Livafinos (synchronously). A.A. Goncharov conducts a rehearsal with students, disassembles from work (synchronously). Rehearsal of the graduation performance "Bulk apples or really - good", carried out by students under the direction of A.A. Goncharov (synchronously). Defense of the diploma by director S. Livafinos (synchronously). Members of the selection committee headed by B.A. Lvov-Anokhin.
L. Kupershmidt
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higher education
, theatre
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A. Dobrzhinsky, A. Chervyakov
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