The Middle East A Troubled Time

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The film tells about the Israeli aggression against Egypt and the participation of the international community in the settlement of Arab-Israeli relations. The film contains archival newsreels of the period 1967-1978. The Israeli aviation and artillery combat operations in Egypt. View of Cairo. Cairo street. The windows of the houses are littered with sandbags. Military parade in Israel in the presence of high command. Israeli aircraft at the airbase. Preparing aircraft for flight. A bomb is suspended from the wing of the plane. Israeli planes are dropping bombs. Explosions. Hospital in Cairo. The wounded in the ward; one of them is talking to a journalist. Fighting Egyptian troops in the Suez Canal. Tank movement. Cars with soldiers pass through the crossing through the Suez Canal. Destroyed Israeli fortifications and empty trenches along the east bank of the canal. Israeli prisoners of war. Exhibition of captured Israeli technology in Cairo. Fighting of the Israeli army in the area of the western bank of the Suez Canal. Speech by the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev with the Soviet program for the struggle for peace and justice in the Middle East at the World Congress of Peace Forces in Moscow (synchronously). Demonstrations and rallies of solidarity with the Arab peoples in Moscow and in European cities. Oil rigs at sea. Refinery in Egypt. United Nations building in New York. UN emblem. The Presidium and participants in the meeting, which adopted a resolution calling on the parties to the conflict to cease all hostilities and begin negotiations between the parties concerned (October 1973). Meeting of the participants of the peace conference on the Middle East in Geneva; speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A. A. Gromyko at the opening of the conference. UN checkpoint at the 101st kilometer of the Cairo-Suez highway. Signing of an agreement on the disengagement of Egyptian and Israeli troops. Israeli troops are evacuated from the west bank of the Suez Canal. Israeli soldiers roll up the Israeli flag. Arrival of UN observers and Soviet officers at the checkpoint. Ships sail along the Suez Canal (filmed before the Israeli aggression in 1967). View of the city on the banks of the Suez Canal. Fish trade in the market. Ruins on the street of the city. Ruined neighborhoods. A tent camp for Arab refugees from Palestine. People receive food in the tent. The faces of passers-by on the streets of Cairo.
V. Kopalin
Film ID
, organization
, fuel industry
, egypt
, air force
, international movements
, sea transport
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, israel
, borbazamir
, ground troops
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