The Old Man and the City

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The film tells about the Kuibyshev amateur local historian Oleg Sergeevich Strukov. Part I of the Street of the city of Kuibyshev. Historic buildings from the early 20th century coexist with modern multi-storey buildings. Photos from the early XX century with beautiful old houses. Architectural historian and art critic Evgenia Ivanovna Kirichenko speaks (sync. And behind the scenes) about the uniqueness of Samara (the city of Kuibyshev from 1935 to 1991) residential development, which can be used to judge the history of the city's development. A member of the Union of Architects of Russia, the chief architect of Kuibyshev, Vladimir Ivanovich Zhukov, and the laureate of the World Biennale of Architecture (Sofia 85), architect Alfred Valentinovich Khakhalin, talk (sinhr. And behind the scenes) about the difficulties they have to face when building housing in the historical part of the city. Oleg Sergeyevich Strukov, a great connoisseur of Samara antiquity, an amateur local historian, examines abandoned, decaying old buildings, including the house of the merchant Dunaev (1902) at 30 Artsybushevskaya Street. Numerous folders with materials on old Samara are on the shelves of Oleg Sergeyevich's apartment. Part II O.S. Strukov walks through the rooms of an empty old house. Family photographs of the early 20th century and the interiors of residential buildings. Director of the State Archives of the Kuibyshev Region Kaleria Aleksandrovna Katrenko tells (sync. And behind the scenes) about the local historian O.S. Strukov and his struggle for the preservation of the historical heritage of Samara. Correspondence of O.S. Strukov with state institutions for the preservation of monuments, articles in the regional newspaper "Volzhskaya Kommuna". O.S. Strukov talks (sync. And behind the scenes) about his love for the city and calls for the struggle to preserve antiquity. At the city cemetery there is a grave (without a fence) of [Oleg Sergeevich Strukovs and his wife Zinaida Vasilievna].
A. Budnikov
Film ID
, architecture
, orthodox church
, higher education
, river ports
, population sports
, monuments of woodworking
, funeral
, monumentsarchitecturegamebuildingcities and regionsrussia
, reconstruction
, trams
, construction sites
, caricature
, storesgoods for kids
, problems in construction
, regional newspapers
, archives
, cities
, magazines
, central
, passenger transport
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, A. Nazarov
Other Creators
scriptwriter L. Rudyakova, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Robinova, film director A. Birman
Release Date
Has Sound

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