The Path to the Heights

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Landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains. Mountain climbers' camp in the mountains. Climbing climbers. Mountain Elbrus. War veterans, front-line friends who fought during the Second World War in these places in the climbers' camp - GK Sulakvelidze, Kh. Ch. Zalikhanov, AA Maleinov, AM Gusev. Chronicle (1943). A detachment of scout climbers in the mountains. Climbing to the top, placing the red banner of the USSR instead of the German flag. Kabardino-Balkaria. Chairman of the Lenin collective farm, delegate to the XXII Congress of the CPSU KK Tarchokov at work, among the delegates to the congress. The corn field of the collective farm. Sowing, weeding, corn harvesting. The city of Tyrnyauz. Deposit of tungsten and molybdenum ores. Extraction of ore. Transportation of ore by cable car. City views. Poet K. Kultev reads poetry (sinhr.) At a meeting with readers, talking with the shepherd I. Edokov. Livestock farm "Russia". Milking cows on the farm. Livestock specialist Rimma Orazaeva on a farm with milkmaids. The city of Nalchik. Gardener, breeder IP Kovtunenko at work in the greenhouse, in the garden. Rose plantations. Silvery spruce. Spruce seedlings. Alpine Geophysical Institute. Doctor of Geographical Sciences GK Sulakvelidze, Institute staff at work. Scattering clouds with a special cannon. Classes in one of the schools of Kabardino-Balkaria. Types of the city of Nalchik. Ancient tower.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
, school education
, collective farms
, architecture
, geophysics
, livestock
, botany
, mountaineering
, gardening
, landscapes
, cities
, mining (extractive) industry
, kpss
, plant growing
, fiction
Number of Parts
P. Finkelberg
Other Creators
script V. Gurvich, sound engineer S. Esiev
Release Date
Has Sound

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