The President History of K Päts and the Republic of Estonia

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A chronicle-documentary, historical-publicistic film about the life and work of the first President of Estonia K. Päts. The film includes documents and materials from the Estonian Film Archives, the State Film Fund, foreign film archives, Estonian television, foreign television studios, museums and cultural funds. Part I. Meeting of the President of Finland M. Koivisto with the US President George W. Bush. M. Koivisto meeting with M. Gorbachev. Meeting of Mikhail Gorbachev and George W. Bush. Palace of the President of Finland in Helsinki. People with flags and placards in the square in front of the palace. Estonia. The homeland of K. Päts is Tahkuranna farm. Winter landscape. Church. University building in Tartu. Winter seascapes. Snowstorm. Chronicle footage: ships at sea; meeting in Revel in 1912 of Emperor Nicholas II with German Kaiser Wilhelm II; Nicholas II at the laying of the cornerstone in the sea temple of Revel; 1918 meeting in Brest-Litovsk of Trotsky and Ioffe with the command of Germany; Estonia, movement of the Kalev armored train, destroyed railway, wounded Estonian soldiers; opening in 1923 in Helsinki of the monument to the heroes of Finland and Estonia who died for the independence of the republics, present: A. Hellat (Estonia), F. Akel (Finland); the choir is performing; views of Tallinn; pedestal of the monument to Alexander I in Helsinki. Part II. Chronicle footage: the funeral of V. I. Lenin; destruction of churches; Moscow, 1929, M. M. Litvinov meets the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Yu. Seljamaa at the railway station; statesmen of Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia at the negotiating table, the signing of the Disarmament Pact; Sweden, Stockholm, meeting of the State Elder of Estonia J. Tõnisson with King Gustav V; the meeting of the State Elder of Estonia A. Rey with Gustav V in 1929; people on the beach, acrobats perform in front of the audience. Chronicle footage dedicated to the state activities of K. Päts in the 1930s is present: A. Kvesis, K. Ulmanis; K. Päts with his grandson on Christmas, Matti Päts shares memories of his grandfather (synchronously). Part III. Chronicle footage: a fragment of a football match between the teams of the Estonia Theater and Kansallisteateri (Finland); aviator Paavo Nurmi; 1925, President of Finland Lauri Christian Felander visits the Estonian National Museum, M. Härma is present; meeting of President Svinhufvud with K. Päts; Finnish fishermen exchange salted herring for food on the island of Virumaa in Estonia; men drink vodka; January 1939, the visit of the Estonian general Laidoner to Finland, a military parade. Part IV. Chronicle footage: a military parade in Nazi Germany in the presence of A. Hitler; [Estonia], prison, inmates working in a quarry; rally; K. Päts surrounded by the people, the people greet Päts; Päts speaks to the people. Estonia. Sunset. Lighthouse. Winter landscape. Chronicle footage: Estonia, physical education, singing, geography in one of the schools. Part V. Chronicle footage: coal mining in Estonia, construction of a bridge, movement of a car, horse carriage on the old bridge in Pärnu, opening of a new drawbridge in the presence of K. Päts, movement of a ship under the bridge; workers are laying asphalt; Tartu, Vanemuine Concert Hall, performance of musicians, present: K. Päts, J. Tõnisson; meeting of the government of Estonia, attended by: Päts, General Laidoner and others; scout parade; snowmobile test; airplane in the air, submerged submarine; everyday life of families of Estonian fishermen; the opera singer T. Croon sings, the professor of music A. There is present; sings J. Siimon; K. Päts at the resort in Truskavets, K. Päts meeting with the President of Poland I. Moscitsky in Warsaw; military parade on Red Square in Moscow. Part VI. Chronicle footage: Estonia, 1938 K. Päts speaks in parliament (synchronously), visits his homeland - Tahkuranna farm, Päts' visit to Saarema island, the ship "Merinoeg" at the pier, inhabitants of the island in national costumes, girls perform a folk dance, Päts among the members of the Pill family; K. Päts is watching the parade on the balcony of the building; Moscow, employees of the German Embassy in the USSR at the airport, meeting I. Ribbentrop, Ribbentrop out of the plane, VM Molotov welcomes I. Ribbentrop, I. Ribbentrop and VM Molotov sign the document.
M. Soosaar
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