The Return of Alexey Smirnov

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The film tells about the life of the Hero of the Soviet Union, the machinist Smirnov Alexei Grigorievich, who made a thousand trips to the front line on a steam locomotive during the Second World War and who was the first to arrive in Berlin on May 10, 1945. The film includes newsreel footage. 1944 The city of Dnepropetrovsk. Railroad station. The trains are standing. An employee of the station translates railway switches. The movement of steam locomotives on one of the sections of the railway. Steam locomotive pipes smoke. Railway workers are cleaning the wheels and chimney of a steam locomotive, pouring fuel. View of the head of the Felix Dzerzhinsky steam locomotive. German planes are flying in the sky. Dropping bombs on Soviet territory. Explosions of shells (sync.). 1973 Dnepropetrovsk. Railway station Nizhnedneprovsk-Knot. The movement of an electric train on a railway track. Hero of the Soviet Union, driver of the first steam locomotive SO 17-1613, which entered Berlin, A.G. Smirnov and one of the station employees inspecting the locomotive at the depot. The first Soviet steam locomotive SO 17-1613, which entered Berlin, on a pedestal. View of the head of a steam locomotive. Power lines.
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the second world war
, railroad transport
, energy
, plant growing
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