The Return of Igor Vinokurov

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A film about the sailor of the fishing fleet I. Vinokurov, who had both legs amputated after a car accident, but despite this he returned to the profession of a sailor. Ships at sea during the day and evening. Seascapes. I. Vinokurov in the ship's radio room. Helmsman on the ship. The captain of the ship is on deck. I. Vinokurov with his family at home. I. Vinokurov with friends in a cafe. A film portrait of the Riga surgeon E. M. Zakis, who performed the first operation on I. Vinokurov. Operating room of the Kiev clinic; Professor OA Bukhtiarov - a specialist in the field of complex prosthetics and bonfire plastic surgery. OA Bukhtiarov in the X-ray room, the patient's ward. OA Bukhtiarov is teaching I. Vinokurov to walk (synchronously). Sailors meet I. Vinokurov on the ship. Mooring of ships. The crew of the ship on deck. Unloading the ship at the port. I. Vinokurov in a foreign port. The patient of the surgeon OA Bukhtiarova V. Saraev undergoes a medical commission, which allows him to work on a ship at sea (synchronously). Meeting I. Vinokurov and V. Saraev at the port. I. Vinokurov with children in the park and on the beach. V. Saraev says goodbye to his daughter and sails on a boat in the sea.
T. Semenov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, sea transport
, standard of living
, a family
Number of Parts
G. Myakishev, A. Minaev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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