The Revelation of Ivan Efremov

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The film is dedicated to the creativity and scientific activities of the Soviet scientist-paleontologist, science fiction writer and philosopher of the 20th century I.A.Efremov. The film uses game scenes from I. Efremov's novels "The Hour of the Bull", "The Andromeda Nebula", "Razor's Edge", "Thais of Athens". The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Landscape of Crimea in the Koktebel region. Internal view of the Mission Control Center: specialists monitor the work of astronauts in orbit. Cosmonauts A. Serebrov and A. Viktorenko at the space station are holding in their hands I. Efremov's novel "The Hour of the Bull" and tell (sync. And off-screen) about I. Efremov. Interview with Doctor of Philosophy V. Sagatovsky (sinhr.) Talks about I. Efremov. Part 2. Doctor of Philosophical Sciences V. Sagatovsky talks about the paleontological expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR to Mongolia at the end of the 40s (sync. And behind the scenes.). Landscapes of the Gobi Desert: sand dunes, stone ridges. The remains of dinosaurs in the sand. General view of the pond, the church in the village of Vyritsa near Leningrad. View of the house in the village where I. Efremov spent his childhood. Views of St. Petersburg: canal, Bank Bridge, Winter Canal, Moika, Botanical Garden. General view of tropical plants in the greenhouse of the Botanical Garden. Views of St. Petersburg (filmed from the sail along the Neva). Newsreel footage of the 40s: the vehicles of the paleontological expedition enter the city of Ulan Bator, members of the expedition among Mongolian scientists at the Mongolian Committee of Sciences, I. Efremov and a Mongolian scientist at the Gobi map, I. Efremov while visiting one of the Mongol families, talking with a Mongol, making notes in a notebook, the expedition cars are driving along the road among the mountains, a general view of the gorge, cars are crossing the river, the expedition members are pushing a car stuck in the river, I. Efremov is among the expedition members on the river bank, the expedition is moving through the desert. Part 3. Views of the Pacific Ocean: giant ocean waves, waves roll onto the shore, a seagull flies over the water. Doctor of Biological Sciences P.K.Chudinov talks about I. Efremov (sync. And for the frame.). Altai landscapes: river, valley, wheat field. View of the steppe adjacent to the Aral Sea. Gobi Desert. Mountainous landscape of the Gobi Desert. Desert sunset. Newsreel footage: the participants of the paleontological expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences in Mongolia get out of their cars, go to the cliff, the expedition members at the foot of the mountain, among the boulders, walk along the mountainside, paleontologists examine the remains of a dinosaur, rocks, I. Efremov with a group of scientists at the fossilized skeleton , preservation of parts of the skeleton, sand hurricane in the desert, members of the expedition are hiding under cars; among them I. Efremov. View of the Paleontological Institute in Moscow. I. Efremov shows the findings of the expedition to scientists. Part 4. Academician BS Sokolov in the hall of the Paleontological Museum, talks (sync. And behind the scenes.) About the results of the paleontological expedition in Mongolia, about the role of I. Efremov in paleontology, about his talent as a writer. American professor E. Olson talks (sync. And behind the scenes.) About his acquaintance with I. Efremov. View of the river in the village of Mozzhinka near Zvenigorod. Dacha in Mozzhinka, where I. Efremov lived. Newsreel footage of the 50s: an air parade at the Tushino airfield, the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Yenisei, astronomers at the telescope in the observatory are observing, conducting experiments in a chemical laboratory. Part 5. Newsreel footage: a group of people in the planetarium at the globe, looking through a telescope, Chief Designer of Space Technology S.P.Korolev at the control panel, cosmonaut Yu.A. Gagarin in the cockpit of a spaceship, spaceship launch, cosmonaut A.A. space, American astronaut Amstrong on the moon. Interview with V. Sagatovsky, Doctor of Philosophy (sync. And behind the scenes). Panorama of the office of I. Efremov. General view of Indian sculptures from the Khajuraho temple. View of the Khajuraho temple. Manuscript of I. Efremov's novel "The Razor's Edge". Part 6. General view of mountains and gorges in India. Lamas are praying at the edge of the gorge. The mountain river runs among the stones. View of the city of Sofia. A group of people in the park are engaged in yoga. Doctor psychotherapist H. Geshanov, sitting at his desk, talks about I. Efremov (sync. And behind the scenes.). H. Geshanov performs exercises according to the yoga system. Interview with Doctor of Historical Sciences N. Guseva (sync. And for the frame.): Shares his memories of I. Efremov, sitting in his apartment. Part 7. Halls of Ancient Greece in the State Hermitage. The landscape of the sea: waves run onto the shore. Part 8. I. Efremov's wife - T. I. Efremova sits at the window in I. Efremov's office and gives interviews (sync. And behind the scenes.). Views of St. Petersburg: the colonnade of the Kazan Cathedral. Young people at the colonnade. Interview with the writer A.I. Shalimov (sync. And for the frame.). Newsreels: L.I. Brezhnev exchanges greetings with members of the Politburo. Part 9. Cemetery in Komarovo near St. Petersburg. The writer A. I. Shalimov stands by the tree at the grave of I. Efremov. Interview with A.I.Shalimov (sync. And for the frame.). The landscape of the sea: rocks on the shore, a seagull above the water.
N. Gulchuk
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scientific connections
, botany
, bulgaria
, everyday life
, paleontology
, museums
, india
, settlements
, landscapes
, usa
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, cities
, expeditions
, fiction
, hinduism
, mongolia
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V. Galkin, V. Ksenofontov, I. Podeshchikov, N. Popov, E. Pronina
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