The Ring Is No Longer Called

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The film tells about the life of the first world boxing champion from Uzbekistan, silver medalist of the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, two-time champion of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (Dynamo Tashkent society) Rufat Riskiev after retiring from sports ... The first part: R. Riskiev sings a song with a guitar in his house, talks about himself and his family, smokes at the window on the veranda. The interiors of the athlete's house, the garden at the house. Honored Coach of the USSR B.A. Granatkin talks about his ward R. Riskiev at the side of the outdoor pool, in the background - athletes swim along the paths. R. Riskiev at the hospital at a doctor's appointment. Patients of the hospital are sitting on a bench in the yard with crutches nearby. Doctors get into an ambulance car, among them is the athlete's sister N. Amirsaidova. Views of the city from the car window, N. Amirsaidova sits in the front seat, talks about her brother, how he was denied help in the republic's sports committee to find a job, refused to give a ticket for treatment, crying. R. Riskiev talks about the impossibility of playing professional sports in the country, about the attitude of the officials of the sports committee to former athletes. Stills from documentaries: boxers emerge from the darkness into the ring, spectators in the hall, judges sit at tables near the ring, fragments of the competition, honored trainer USSR B.A. Granatkin talks in the locker room with R. Riskiev, rewarding the winners, in the 1st place on the podium is R. Riskiev, athletes and the coach congratulate him. The second part. Autumn, yellow leaves on the trees near the building of the sports complex. Master of sports of international class V. Ulyanich talks about Rufat Riskiev, about boxers from the national team of Uzbekistan, in the background - tennis players train at the stadium. R. Riskiev talks about the battles held, about overloading in training. R. Riskiev talks about the 1976 Olympic Games in his home. in Montreal, - his hands, a panorama of a boxing glove on the wall. Trainer B.A. Granatkin talks about the shortcomings of the sports system in the USSR, in the background - the paths of the outdoor pool. Young boxers are preparing for training in the hall, waiting for their coach R. Riskiev. Ring, punching bags in the hall. R. Riskiev talks about his illness - drunkenness. An athlete in the courtyard of his house tells a reporter what he regrets and what he managed to do in his life. O. Riskiev sits on the bank of the canal, jumping up the steps in training. - Silver medal of the XXI Olympic Games 1976. in Montreal. Stills from documentary films: B. Granatkin wipes R. Riskiev's face during the break, fragments of the fight with R. Riskiev, general view of the ring, coaches prepare athletes for the exit, training in the hall; R. Riskiev takes the cup at the Spartakiad of the peoples of the USSR; Olympic Games 1976 in Montreal, the entrance to the Olympic Village, the NDP at multi-storey buildings, in front of them - the flags of the participating countries, a general view of the hall in which boxing competitions are held, spectators in the stands, fragments of the fight between R. Riskiev and American Michael Spinks, the referee raises his hand M. Spinks, athletes shake hands, R. Riskiev is on the 2nd place of the podium, he is presented with flowers.
V. Pogosyants
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medical services for the population
, children and youth sports
, boxing
, situation of various populations
, olympic games
, cities
, peoples life
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V. Pogosyants
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