The Seagull on Liberty Island

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Stay in Cuba, USSR pilot-cosmonaut V.V. Tereshkova. Meeting at the airport in Havana; visiting the Federation of Cuban Women, Makarenko School, textile factory; V. Tereshkova works at a loom. Reception of V. Tereshkova by the President of the Republic Osvaldo Dorticos; present: Fidel Castro, E. Guevara. Admission to the Academy of Sciences. President of the Academy of Sciences Antonio Nunez Jimenez greets V. Tereshkova. Reception with Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro. V. Tereshkova is flying a plane on the way from Havana to Playa Giron; next to V. Tereshkova in the plane of Flavio Bravo. Playa Chiron is the landing site of American troops on the coast of Cuba. Flavio Bravo talks about the battle between Cuban patriots and American troops. Inspection of V. Tereshkova schooner "Granma", on which a group of Cuban patriots led by Fidel Castro sailed from Mexico and landed in Cuba. V. Tereshkova lays a wreath at the monument to the hero of the Cuban revolution Jose Marti. Visit to the ancient Indian village of the local tribe Cubanakan. V. Tereshkova attends the VII International Congress of Architects in Havana. An unofficial meeting of V. Tereshkova with the head of the Cuban government, Fidel Castro. Destruction, flooding of cities and villages in southern Cuba caused by Hurricane Flora. Fidel Castro is in charge of the rescue efforts. V. Tereshkova speaks at a rally in Havana. Yuri Gagarin, who arrived in Havana, gets out of the plane. Yuri Gagarin and V. Tereshkova fly by plane to Mexico.
A. Handelstein
Film ID
, industry
, school education
, cultural connections
, architecture
, natural disasters
, higher state bodies
, national liberation movement
, air transport
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
Other Creators
Sound V. Kutuzov, text N. Shpikovsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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