The Season of Silence

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A film about an unknown poet, the author of the song "When we leave the schoolyard ..." from the film "Raffle", the journalist A. Didurov, about the literary and musical rock cabaret "Cardiogram" created by him. Moscow city. Graduates on the Sparrow (Lenin) Hills, walk along one of the embankments of the Moskva River. The movement of a car (exit from the courtyard with an arch). The courtyard of the well house. Panorama along the walls and windows of the house. A. Didurov at home, washes household items and goes to take them to the glassware collection point, works at a typewriter, talks about his life position, his beliefs (synchronously and behind the scenes), does physical exercises, jogs at the stadium, leads an evening in the rock -Cabaret "Cardiogram" (synchronously and behind the scenes), talking with the participants of the rock cabaret. The interiors of the communal apartment and A. Didurov's room. Spontaneous market in Stoleshnikov lane. The building of the Moscow City Council with the Russian flag. Izmailovsky Park. Building of the Literary Lounge. Rock cabaret poster. Performances of the bards A. Selivanov, S. Vostochny, V. Esin, O. Panyushkina, O. Arefieva S. Kanyushenko on stage in the ro-cabaret program (synchronously and behind the scenes). Spectators in the hall. Dancing in a rock cabaret. Kremlin embankment in rainy weather, the movement of cars. Rain. Passers-by pass under umbrellas under the arches of the courtyards. Roofs of houses. Moscow region. The village of Pirogovo. Houses with boarded up windows. Ruined church. A tree shattered by lightning. Landscape with a white-stone church, a river, a forest, a meadow ..
S. Markov
Film ID
standard of living
, nature
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, architecture
, orthodox church
, literature
, physical education
, artistic activities
, material and technical supply
, music
, leisure
, club type institutions
, parks
, rural settlements
, school education
, cinematography
, situation of various populations
, home life
Number of Parts
I. Mordyukov
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Has Sound

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