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Types of Moscow: streets, squares, traffic. Headquarters of the All-Union Review of Cultural and Educational Institutions. Headquarters meeting. Filming of various regions of the Soviet country: the shores of the Arctic Ocean, the life of the Golds in the Far East, the deserts of Central Asia, the life of nomadic pastoralists in Central Asia, the life of the peasants of the Chuvash village. The building of the new club of the Zyryan Samoyeds. The people listen to the gramophone, cultural and educational work among the Golds: the Golds read newspapers in the hut-reading room. A nurse conducts a preventive examination of nomadic women. An ophthalmologist is receiving patients in one of the villages. Everyday life in a gypsy camp: a gypsy repairs a collar, women conduct a hygienic examination of children. The agitator talks to the gypsies. Gypsies read books in their club, women are engaged in cutting and sewing circles. Gypsies at a subbotnik. Children in kindergarten: wash, wash dishes, drink tea. Children at the party. View of one of the villages in the Caucasus. Collection of mountain peasants. Harvesting tobacco. Highlanders in the club: playing chess, reading, listening to the radio. Collective farm nurseries. Country club in Bashkiria. The peasants are resting in the club; learn to read and write. Rebuilding a church into a club in one of the settlements. Classes at the Chimkent courses of the Cossacks.
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medical services for the population
, atheistic propaganda
, nature
, cultural and educational work
, health care
, villages
, settlements
, preschool education
, agitation and propaganda
, agriculture
, cities
, education
, peoples life
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