The Sky Is Calling Us

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Clouds in the sky (filmed from an airplane). Parachutists are flying over the ground (filmed from an airplane). Engineer N. Anikeev makes his 1000th jump. Members of the team in Ferghana greeted him with flowers, swing him. Parachutists are landing. Members of the national team: technician V. Seliverstova, engineer I. Solovyova, engineer V. Raevsky, doctor L. Mozlichenko, technician V. Kozakov, engineer N. Anikeev. House with the inscription "Kuibyshev Regional Aero Club" (DOSAAF). Aeroclub lesson. Photo of the inventor of the knapsack parachute L. E. Kotelnikov, patent for the invention. Monument to L. E. Kotelnikov. Parachuting club lesson under the guidance of instructor Kolesnikov. Aerial training lesson at the airport. Practicing jumping elements by athletes on the Pronichev simulator. Skydiving from an oil rig. The test for the parachutist training program is conducted by the instructor N. Surkov. Athletes are preparing to jump from an airplane. N. Surkov checks the parachutist and uniforms. Athletes enter the plane. The plane takes off, gains altitude. Parachutists are separated from the plane. Landing of athletes. In the classroom, parachutists study the device for automatic opening of the parachute, master the technique of controlling the canopy. Practicing the exercise - landing in the center of the cross. Athletes in the pool, on simulators. Masters of Sports S. Kiselev and F. Neimark are preparing to jump from the plane. S. Kiselev shoots in a long jump F. Neymark on a movie camera in the air. Aviation holiday at the airfield in Tushino (Moscow): paratroopers jumping from the plane (removed from the plane); Panorama of parachutists flying in the sky. Spectators on the airfield.
A. Dinkevich
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air transport
, landscapes
, parachuting
, voluntary sports societies
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Yu Tuntuev
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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