The Story of One Battle

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Mass patriotic movement of volunteer teachers to eradicate illiteracy. Volunteer teachers travel in trains, cars, buses to their destination: in the cities and rural areas of Cuba. Teachers teach adults and children to read and write. The funeral of the teacher killed by the counter-revolutionaries. Havana city. Mass rally of volunteer teachers dedicated to the implementation of the literacy eradication program. Speech by F. Castro, presenting them with diplomas to volunteer teachers. Cuban President O. Dorticos greets teachers (December 1961). Harvesting of sugar cane by peasants and volunteers from the city. Processing of sugar cane at the factory. Explosions, destruction, wounded, killed as a result of bombing by American aircraft on April 15, 1961. Mass demonstrations of protest by Cuban workers against US aggression. Detachments of the Cuban rebel army, the people's militia, military equipment are sent to the landing site of a detachment of counterrevolutionaries. Fidel Castro stops a tank on the road, explains the direction of movement to the tankers. Downed American plane, downed tank; captured American soldiers are walking along the road under a Cuban escort. Plundered weapons captured by the Cubans. Yuri Gagarin in the city of Havana on the day of the celebration of the 8th anniversary of the Cuban revolution (July 26, 1961). Uruguay, Punta del Este. Cuban delegation to the session of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council (August 1961). Demonstrations of solidarity in support of Cuba, held in the USSR, Brazil, Venezuela. Cuban President O. Dorticos in the meeting hall of the Belgrade Conference of Non-Aligned States (September 1 - 6, 1961).
Manuel Octavio Gomes
Film ID
, international workers solidarity
, food industry
, rally and protest
, social and political relations
, agriculture
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, national liberation movement
, armed forces
, education
, borbazamir
Number of Parts
Rodolfo Lopez
Other Creators
Screenplay by J.A. Jorge, M.O. Gomez
Release Date
Has Sound

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