The Story of the Yakut Land

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St. Petersburg. Peter-Pavel's Fortress. The newspaper "Peterburgskie vedomosti" reports on the civil execution of Chernyshevsky and his exile to Siberia. Painting "Chernyshevsky's Civil Execution". Northern landscape. A dog sled runs. Yurt of a poor man. Photo of exiled Bolsheviks: Perovsky G. I., E. Yaroslavsky, S. Ordzhonikidze. Houses in Yakutia, where the exiled revolutionaries lived. Photos of the participants, created in Yakutia, a circle of revolutionary youth. Map of the Yakut ASSR created in 1922. Lena river landscape. Geologists on the river. The plane lands at the Yakutsk airport. Celebrating in Yakutsk 40th anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power. Demonstrators and athletes are passing by. Watering machine on the streets. Vacationers on the beach eating ice cream. Permafrost station. Laboratory. Melting ice with steam needles. The reinforced concrete pile is lowered into the steamed soil. Building a house on stilts. The new building of the Yakutsk branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Russian drama theater, the telegraph. Yakutsk restaurant. Chefs prepare salads from greenhouse-grown vegetables in the open field. Selection station. Wheat grains grown in the Yakut land. Sheaf of wheat "Yakut Yanka". Harvesting wheat on the collective farm fields of the Omklinsky region. Oymyakon is an area of the world pole of cold. Meteorological station. Employees at work. Weather station of the island "Four pillars". Employees measure the thickness of the ice, launch a probe. A herd of deer. The livestock technician listens to the calf. Nizhnekamsk post office. Postman on dogs delivers mail. Mail delivery by special plane. Port "Osetrovo". Loading works in the port. Barge caravan. Port of Sangara. Coal mining in mines. Loading barges with coal. Fishermen of the "Arctic" collective farm fishing on the Lena River. Icebreakers break the ice, freeing passageways for ships. Arctic seaport "Tiksi". Steamers in the port. The captain of the "Elton" steamer clarifies the route along the Northern Sea Route. Loading timber on ships. Mineral resources map of Yakutia. The city of Aldan. Preparing the city to celebrate its 35th anniversary. Artel of gold diggers at work. Says the discoverer of the Aldan gold MP Tarabukin (synchronously off-screen). Work on the 79th dredge. Delivery of gold. A mica mine opened in 1940 by the hunter Zakharov. River Vilyui Preparation of the diamond expedition for dispatch. Fire in the taiga. Firefighters parachutists are jumping from the plane. Fire fighting. Discovery of the "Pipe" diamond deposits by the expeditions of Shchukin and Khabardin. Production processes at a processing plant for semi-industrial diamond mining. Separation of diamonds from other rocks. The laboratory technician determines the weight and draws up a passport for large diamonds. The use of diamonds for jewelry and production. Discussion of the construction project of the city of Almazograd by the employees of the Yakutalmaz trust. The settlement of Mirny. New settlers are playing dominoes, making dinner. Construction of a new processing plant. Solemn meeting dedicated to the presentation of the Order of Lenin to Yakutia. Presentation of the Orders of Lenin to Shishlyannikov, Feinstein, Burtseva. Collection point for furs. Hunters hand over animal skins. The surgeon Migalkin goes by motor boat to the patient. Operating room. The Yakut Opera Nyurgun-Bature "on the stage of the Moscow Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater. The final concert of Yakut artists on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. The building of the Yakut University. Rector AE Mordvinov speaks to students. Students in the audience, in laboratories. Pioneers in local history A 108-year-old hunter Zakharov tells the pioneers about tigers Sanatoriums, rest homes for Yakut workers Chronicle: a poor Yakut's hut, a sick man, a shaman dances A sick man dies Celebration of kumys drinking in Yakutia A sports festival Dog and reindeer sled racing.
M. Averbach
Film ID
, national life
, fuel industry
, fishing
, mining industry
, relaxation
, rewarding
, livestock
, river transport
, public catering
, sea transport
, theatre
, hunting
, revolutionary events in russia
, postal communication
, cities
, education
Number of Parts
A. Belinsky, I. Bgantsev, L. Zilberg, V. Kopalin, V. Mishin, V. Pridorogin
Other Creators
Script D. Sivtsev-Omollon, text P. Bakhmutsky, composer N. Chervinsky, sound technicians B. Kartavenko, N. Vygolovsky, assistant director Y. Petrenko, speaker L. Khmara
Release Date
Has Sound

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