The Tragedy of Ulster

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The film follows the civil rights struggle of Northern Ireland workers based on archival foreign newsreels from the 1960s to the 1970s. Great Britain. Northern Ireland. city of Belfast. General view of the city. Special forces of the British Army patrol the streets, search cars and residents of the city. Armored vehicles and tanks on the streets. Explosions, shootings in the streets. Ruined buildings of houses. Arrival of British soldiers in Belfast by ship and plane. Ruined buildings of houses. Local residents and soldiers are clearing the rubble. Protestant parade in the Catholic quarter of the city. Empty houses in the Catholic quarter. Residents of the Catholic quarter go to the cathedral. Linadown (a suburb of Belfast). An armored personnel carrier crashes vehicles with the property of homeless families trying to occupy empty houses. A crowd of residents on the street. An English officer talks about the possible use of gas and rubber bullets against demonstrators (synchronously). Long Kosh concentration camp. Checkpoint. One of the leaders of the republican movement speaks about his stay in British and Irish prisons (synchronously). Interview with the Secretary General of the Association for the Defense of Civil Rights in Northern Ireland E. Stewart (synchronously). British Prime Minister Heath, Home Secretary Modling, Extremist Leader Kreich, Pastor Paisley, Northern Ireland Minister Willow in Belfast. Housewives attack British soldiers after being searched. Demonstration of supporters of the republican movement. Slogans and posters calling for the withdrawal of the British Army from Northern Ireland. Demonstrators clash with troops. The murdered man lies on the street. The funeral of those killed during the demonstration at the cemetery. A woman sets fire to the national flag of Great Britain. A crowd of Dublin residents carry thirteen symbolic coffins near the British Embassy. Demonstration in solidarity with the fighters of Northern Ireland in London. Meeting of the Council of Ireland in Sunningdale.
I. Gelein
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social and political movement
, internal troops
, christianity
, cities
, special troops
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