The Trial of the Executioners of Maidanek

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Poland, the city of Lublin, November 27, 1944. City street. People standing on the sidewalks. Trucks carrying the guards of the Majdanek concentration camp, liberated by Soviet soldiers. A crowd of people, armed soldiers of the Polish Army at the building of the Officers' House, where the trial of six criminals will be held. Courtroom. The judge at the table reads out the materials of the criminal case; in the foreground is the Holy Crucifixion. Defendants in the dock: SS Oberscharführer Hermann Vöschel (1st left), SS Hauptsturmführer Wilhelm Gerstenmeyer (2nd left), SS Obersturmführer Anton Ternes (3rd left), SS Rottenführer Theodor Schöllen (4th left) Stalp (5th from left), Edmund Pohlman (6th from left). Armed guards behind the backs of the defendants. Participants in the court session, including the prosecutor, witnesses, as well as civilians in the courtroom; among those present: [Polish lawyer, head of the war reparations department of the Polish Committee for National Liberation Emil Sommerstein], [Academician of the Polish Academy of Sciences Leon Bialkowski]. Speeches by the participants in the process. Those sentenced to capital punishment are guarded in the hall; get into a truck. December 3, 1944. The territory of the Majdanek concentration camp, next to which the court sentence will be carried out. A lot of people, armed soldiers of the Polish Army, who arrived at the place of execution. The last minutes before the execution of the court's verdict.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, foreign countries (poland)
, actions of soviet troops in european countries
, shipwrecked criminals
, concentration camps
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A. Sofin, D. Ibragimov
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