The Verdict Is Not Subject to Appeal

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The film tells about the trial of Nazi criminals who operated in the territory of Latvia and took part in mass executions of civilians. The film uses materials from criminal case No. 31. The film includes the following filming: Part 1. General view of the underground with stone vaults, where the executions of civilians in the Rezekne district of Latvia took place; traces of bullets on the camps of the dungeon; one of the members of the investigation team pulls out a cartridge case from the wall. View of one of the streets of Vorkuta, people are walking, passing cars, general view of the building of the Miners' Palace of Culture; general view of documents addressed to Y. Basankovich (Osip Basankovich); a sign with the People's Democratic Party "Komisovnarkhoz. Shakhzta No. 20. Vorkutaugol Combine." Miners leave the mine administration building; among them Y. Basankovich, who is talking about something, a group of men is walking along Klubnaya Street past house No. 15; Y. Basankovich with his comrades at home, shows them family photos. Photos of another Nazi criminal - H. Puntulis. Views of New York (filmed with passage): Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, the UN building, a view of the building on one of the streets where the Vesuvius restaurant is located "and the editorial office of the Latvian newspaper" Laiks ". Photos of the Nazi criminal B. Maikovskis. View of the building of a Catholic church in the city / Rezekne /, a woman in the courtyard of the church, one of the women is baptized in front of the cross, kissing the cross; interior view of the church during the service (sinhr .); believers leave the church after the end of the service, the priest comes out, one of the members of the investigation team shows him a photograph of B. Maikovskis, the men talk (sinhr. in Latin), an elderly woman with a stick is walking out of the church in the snow A car is driving down Mineola Street, New York; view of the house in which the Nazi criminal B. Maikovskis lives. A group of officers is walking across the bridge towards each other (the border between Poland and the USSR), the Polish military handing over the war criminal J. Krasovskis to the Soviet KGB officers, a Soviet soldier-border guard stands at his post, Soviet officers are leading a war criminal: Soviet and Polish soldiers are signing documents, J. Krasovskis is sitting, a convoy is standing nearby; Soviet officers take Y.Krasovskis out by the arms, put him in the van of the car. The officer leads the arrested Y. Basankovich to the plane at the airfield in Vorkuta, board the plane, the plane taxies onto the runway, takes off; the arrested Y. Basankovich is transported in an open car along Rezekne Street; arrested war criminal J. Basankovich on the market square in Rezekne, where a crowd of people has gathered, people look at the criminal. General view of the memorial plaque on one of the buildings in Rezekne with the NDP "At this place, on January 4, 1942, the Nazis shot 30 hostages of the inhabitants of the village of Audrini." War criminal Y. Basankovich stands on the square in front of the church, a panorama of houses on the street; a group of members of the investigation team and Y. Basankovich in front of the building of the city telegraph office. A view of a photograph of a war criminal - the head of the district A. Eikhelis. Newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War: a building in Rezekne, where the German commandant's office was located, a view of destroyed and burning houses on one of the city streets. Part 2. A view of one of the city streets, buildings. Zhukovsky, an eyewitness to the events in Rezeksky district of 1942, in one of the rooms of the building, tells a representative of the investigation team about the events of January 1942 (sinhr. In Latin). Zhukovsky shows in the forest a place where mass executions of civilians took place; panorama of the winter forest, general view of the road through the forest. An article in a German newspaper with an interview with A. Eichelis. An article in one of the American newspapers about B. Maikovskis, with the demand of the Soviet side to extradite the war criminal B. Maikovskis. Type of documents for the period of 1942, signed by A. Eikhelis - the head of the Rezek district. Landscape of the surroundings of the village of Audrini, general view of the village of Audrini; a rally of residents of Rezeksky district at the memorial where residents of Rezeksky county and the village of Audrini are buried. A resident of the village M. Kovalevskaya sits at a table in the garden, next to her little daughter, examines photographs of the executed villagers, talks about the events of January 1942 (sinhr. In Russian). Members of the investigation team and the war criminal J. Basankovich on the road leading to the village of Audrini; J. Basankovich draws a plan of execution of civilians; view of the obelisk in the field - at the site of the mass execution of civilians; men are digging at the place where civilians of the Rezeks district were shot, J. Basankovich is standing nearby, looking; a forensic expert stands in a pit, holds a human skull in his hands, hands it over to another specialist; a view of human remains spread out on the ground. Photos of the war criminal H. Puntulich - the commander of the command for the execution of people General view of the dungeon, where the executions of civilians took place, traces of bullets on the walls, the criminologist removes the cartridge case from the wall; members of the investigation team in the courtyard of the house where the underground is located, a view of one of the Rezekne streets. The trial in Riga over war criminals: a general view of the courtroom, war criminals in the dock; among them: J. Krasovskis, J. Basankovich, P. Vaichuk; foreign correspondents in the courtroom; a panorama through volumes with materials of criminal case No. 31, the hall rises during the announcement of the verdict; people on the streets of Riga listen to the verdict of war criminals.
G.Frank, I.Brils
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, fuel industry
, court
, rural settlements
, poland
, religion
, everyday life
, landscapes
, usa
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Krumin, P. Truns, I. Seletskis, L. Gaigal
Other Creators
K. Berzin, V. Lorenz
Release Date
Has Sound

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