The Victory that Was Hidden

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A film about the history of rocketry and astronautics. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, one of the creators of space technology V.E. Chertok talks about the history of the formation of rocket technology, about the first designers (behind the scenes). The first head of the Central Directorate of Space Facilities of the Ministry of Defense, K.A. Kerimov, talks about the role of the military in the development of rocket and space technology in the USSR (synchronously and behind the scenes). Various types of space shuttle "Buran". Takeoff of "Buran". Workshop for the creation of missiles, workers at the rocket. Installation of the rocket at the test site. The missilemen are in the ranks, running towards the missiles mounted on the tractors. Tractors are moving along a dirt road. Rocket at launch, rocket launch. The explosion of a rocket at the test site. Rescue of wounded and burned servicemen. Firefighters extinguish fire and burning people. The building is on fire, the asphalt is on fire. Submarine at sea. A rocket is flying. Military training ground in the Kazakh steppe. Helicopter flight over the landfill. Command and measuring complex. Complex control panel. Rocket at launch, rocket launch. Sky, clouds, view of the earth from space. Aerospace salon on Krasnaya Presnya in Moscow. Visitors visiting the exhibition. Moscow at night. The movement of cars. The Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower. Lenin's mausoleum. Unkown soldiers grave. Pilot-cosmonaut PI Klimuk in the office among the cosmonauts and the military. Chronicle footage. Germany. 1944-45 Production processes in the rocket building workshop, specialists at the rocket. Launch of a ballistic missile FAU-2. A rocket in flight. The landscape of the Baltic Sea coast. A. Hitler speaks to the German soldiers. Train movement. G. Potsdam. G. Trumen W. Churchill, I. Stalin, V. M. Molotov, N. G. Kuznetsov participate in the Berlin Conference. Moscow. 1945 NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin and LP Beria on the platform of the Mausoleum welcome the demonstrators. 1950s SP Korolev IV Kurchatov talking in the garden. 1956 Testing of the R-5 rocket. S.P. Korolev with employees at the test site. Secret missile launch in the forest. Launching missiles from a ship, from a mine. Nuclear explosion. 1959 USA. G. Washington. N.S. Khrushchev's official visit. NS Khrushchev at a reception at the White House with President D. Eisenhower. R. Nixon is present. 1960s Yuri Gagarin talking on the phone. Yuri Gagarin's passage with an escort among the jubilant crowd. May Day demonstration on Red Square. NS Khrushchev in a corn field among collective farmers. 1970s Leonid Brezhnev gets out of the car.
W. Mann
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armed forces
, political connections
, the second world war
, cosmonautics
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I. Krylov
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