The Warmth of the Orphanage

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The film tells about orphanages. The film includes filming: Sverdlovsk. Pupils of the orphanage number 29 study at the Krotovskaya secondary school number 28, under the supervision of a teacher they return from school to their orphanage, play in groups. Director of the orphanage number 29 EO Ivanova gives interviews (sinhr.), Communicates with children. The teacher I.V. Danilshchina talks about the form of teaching children (sinhr.), Shows school manuals created by the teachers of the orphanage №29. Pupils of the orphanage № 5 study on computers in a specialized class. NDP. Dimitrovgrad near Ulyanovsk. The chairman of the city executive committee V.S. Pisarchuk, an adherent of the creation of a family orphanage, gives an interview in his office (sinhr.). NDP on the interiors of the rooms of a residential apartment of a family orphanage. Parents with children are engaged in household chores. The building of the mansion, given as a family orphanage to the Gvozdikov family. NDP on the interiors of the rooms. The head of the regional department of public education, chairman of the local children's fund VN Mironov talks about his work visiting the Gvozdikov family (sinhr.). Newborn children sleep in incubators, small children play reading, draw in the "House of Childhood" group.
N. Nebylickaya
Film ID
out-of-school education
, standard of living
, situation of children
, school education
, orphanages
, a family
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
G. Aksenov, E. Nebylytsky, A. Romanov, V. Gordovskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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