The Way Home

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The title "The Way Home" unites three films, reflections on the fate of Georgia. Film I. People's Deputy of the USSR Akaki Bakradze expresses his point of view about socialism, about the political system of the Soviet Union, about a regulated economy, about the nature of Georgians, about a new system of economic relations in Georgia, talks about the cultural revival of society, about the education of morality among Georgians, national movement, its purposes (sync. translation with cargo.). NDP on paintings on biblical themes. Newsreel footage: D. Patiashvili stands in front of the protesters (April 1989); priests at a rally, an orator speaks to the protesters (1989). Film II. Passers-by walk along one of the streets of the Georgian city. Women in black clothes stand at the door of the building, on the wall of the building there are photographs of young people missing in Afghanistan. Philosopher Merab Mamardashvili talks about the helplessness of the authorities, the state, society, the need to return to normal life, an understanding of their past, the "field" of the Russian power, which presses over Georgia, about the lies and hypocrisy of the Soviet government (sync. Trans. From Georgian) ... Demonstrations, rallies in the cities of Georgia. Newsreel footage: demonstrations of the 30-50s, a demonstration of the late 80s, a team of football players from Tbilisi "Dynamo", Leonid Brezhnev at a demonstration, children's amateur art activities in Georgia (dance of football players), a peacock in the park. Film III. Artist Georgy Khvashkhaba demonstrates a book illustrated by his friends in his studio. The artist Archil Popuridze talks about himself, about the path to self-knowledge, about his fellow artists, about the human nature, about the life of artists under Soviet rule, about the departure from reality into creativity (sync. Trans. From Georgian). NDP on sculptures in the studio A. Popuridze. Georgian artists, sculptors talk about the creative life in Georgia in the 1960s, remember the hoax artist Merab Kakheshvili (sync. Transl. From Georgian). NDP in his paintings. NDP based on drawings by cartoonist Vano Sturua. A cortege of government cars drives along one of the streets of Tbilisi. Monuments to the leaders on the streets of Tbilisi. Defeated monuments of the leaders. People at a democratic rally. Newsreel footage: N.S. Khrushchev in Georgia, Georgian artists in the 1960s.
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