The Worries of the Old Janitor

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A film about irresponsible behavior and indifferent attitude of people to the environment, as exemplified by the city of Chisinau. Moldavian SSR, the city of Chisinau. A view of well-kept, beautifully decorated houses in the private sector of the city. Residents are ennobling their yards. A street well, the upper part of which is a small pavilion covered with a roof, the walls are painted in bright colors. A woman collects water from a well. View of an electric train approaching the platform. Janitors, including an elderly man named Nikolai, clean the streets and courtyards of the city. A resident of a multi-storey building throws out garbage from the balcony of the fourth floor. The sign of the store with the NDP: "MYORITSA". A view of overturned waste bins and rubbish lying around in different parts of the city. Citizens throw garbage without embarrassment, spit, others - indifferently watch. A poster on the wall of the building with the NDP: "REDUCED PRICES". Salon of a train, bus with garbage left by passengers. Broken glass in the doors of an apartment building, above the entrance of which a sign with the NDP is visible: “OUR HOUSE IS FIGHTING FOR THE TITLE OF A HOUSE OF EXAMPLE CONTENT”. Children play in a littered playground. View of a running stream of water on asphalt caused by a pipeline accident. Visitors leave the theater after watching a movie, leaving behind trash and a ruined chair seat. Municipal workers are cleaning the garbage chute. Estonian SSR, city of Tallinn. The view of the well-groomed area and the absence of garbage in the city. A local resident speaks of respect for the work of a janitor and proper upbringing in the family (sinhr.).
A. Yurieva
Film ID
urban transport
, cinemas
, beautification
, industrial stores
, bypopulation
, environmental pollution
, жилойфонд
, cities
, railway transport
, utilities
, consumer services
Number of Parts
Н. Fomin
Other Creators
sound engineer E. Gaspas, editor R. Aghajanyan, director T. Galburg
Release Date
Has Sound

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