Theatre Square

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The film tells about the rallies on the Theater Square of Yerevan with the demand to withdraw the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region from the Azerbaijan SSR. 1 part. Armenia, Yerevan, summer, a meeting at the Theater Square. Panorama of the masks-bas-reliefs on the capitals of the columns of the Armenian Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Spendiaryan. Panorama in the center of Yerevan. B / W footage: a panorama of Teatralnaya Square during a large rally, the monument to A. Spendiaryan is surrounded by people; the banner "HISTORICAL JUSTICE SHOULD TRY"; cameramen are filming; a man holding a portrait of the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev; protesters wave their hands indignantly, shout; the monument to A. Spendiaryan, in the background - the monument "Mother Armenia". Summer, "Mother Armenia" monument. Monument to A. Spendiaryan at Teatralnaya Square, departure, paint inscriptions on the monument, posters. Candles are burning, red carnations are lying, young people are sleeping at the monument on mattresses, sleeping on the lawn. Carnations are in banks on the pavement, the inscription "FROM THE LATVIAN SSR", a panorama of the posters "INDIFFERENCE IS A CRIME!", "SUMGAIT ARMENIANS FOR KARABAKH". A man in a white paper cap distributes carnations to the protesters. Men and women, wrapped in blankets, sit on the steps at the entrance to the Opera and Ballet Theater. Young people at the monument to A. Spendiaryan - sitting and lying demonstration. Color c / t .: 1978-1980, reconstruction of the theater - masters are working on bas-reliefs, builders are working standing on the scaffolding. General view of the building during reconstruction work. B / w c / t: late 1950s, monument to I.V. Stalin; March 1953, a portrait of J.V. Stalin on the facade of the house, a panorama of those gathered in the square of Yerevan, lowered state flags with black ribbons, a line of people to the monument to J.V. Stalin, the military carry wreaths with mourning ribbons, men lay a mourning wreath at pedestal, children carry flowers; 1961, visit of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee N.S. Khrushchev to the Armenian SSR. Part 2. Theater square, evening, young people are holding lighted torches in their hands. The girl sings on stage. NDP on the faces of young people with torches. The men stand with their fists raised. A man records the speech of the protesters on the microphone. Children are standing with raised fists. General view of the square during the rally Theater Square, it is raining, the building of the Armenian Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Spendiaryan, people with umbrellas are standing on the steps at the entrance. A photographer takes pictures of schoolchildren in smart clothes standing on the steps of the theater, parents are standing nearby. A little girl rides a bicycle, a woman is walking nearby. There is a little boy with a ball. Elderly men are sitting at the table, reading newspapers. Men are sitting on benches in the park, talking. A young man and a girl are sitting on a bench by the pond. An elderly man walks with a dog in the park. A woman is sitting on a bench by the pond, holding a dog in her hands. The child is stroking the dog. The child stands by the paintings for sale in the park. The baby sleeps in a stroller. Children are eating ice cream at tables in a cafe. Children draw with chalk on the asphalt - drawing competition. Plowed land, in the background - mountains. A rally at Teatralnaya Square, people are standing under umbrellas. The poster "Hunger strike" on the pedestal of the monument, there is an ambulance nearby. B / w c / t: [1972], visit of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev to the Armenian SSR. Part 3. The meeting at Teatralnaya Square, the faces of the participants. An ambulance crew passes through the crowd to a young man lying on the pavement. People bring water bottles. Doctors take the young man away from the square. The ambulance car drives off. The protesters raise their hands, clenched into a fist. The conscripts are at the theater, there is military equipment. Cordon of armored vehicles and soldiers with plastic shields on Marshal Baghramyan Avenue. A column of cars with flags and posters is driving along the central street of Yerevan, cadets are standing on the sidewalk.
G. Harutyunyan
Film ID
hunger strikes
, rally and protest
, theatre
, cities
, strikes
Number of Parts
Sh. Vardanyan
Other Creators
Scriptwriter G. Zakoyan
Release Date
Has Sound

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