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A film about the process of solving one crime in the city of Kuibyshev. Part 1 Kuibyshev, January 1984 City area. Police building; a sign with the NDP: "USSR MIA DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE SAMARA DISTRICT COUNCIL OF PEOPLE'S DEPUTIES IN KUIBYSHEVA POLICE OF THE SAMARA DISTRICT." A sign with the NDP: "USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF THE RAILWAY DISTRICT COUNCIL OF PEOPLE'S DEPUTIES IN KUIBYSHEV." Railway station building; people are walking along the station square, taxi cars are standing. Food market premises. The men in the pub are drinking beer; the barmaid pours beer into a mug. Woman hairdresser at work. Police captain Bykov interrogates men in a pub; employees in the hairdresser; sellers and buyers in the food market; people at the bus stop. A UAZ police car drives past a residential building. The traffic police car is going by. Police operatives enter the entrance of a residential building on Dachnaya Street, where the theft took place; among them is an employee with a service dog. The task force is led by police lieutenant colonel Dyachenko. A room in an apartment; things scattered around the room. An employee with a camera takes pictures of the crime scene. Police officers take fingerprints from furniture, dishes; interviewing witnesses. Lieutenant Colonel Dyachenko and his staff report the circumstances of the crime to Major General V.F. Sharapov in his office. The premises of the police station on duty, employees at work. Police captain Bykov says (sinhr.) About working at the crime scene with a dog. Lieutenant Colonel Dyachenko speaks with people (sinhr.) About their purchase of stolen things. The territory of the educational labor colony; facade of the prison building. Prisoners tell (sinhr.) Their dreams about freedom, about home; talk about their plans for the future. Part 2 Kuibyshev, January 1984 Building with the NDP: "POLICE". Near the building there is a pedestal with composite images of criminals. Premises of the cafe; people sit at tables. Police captain Bykov shows photographs of criminals to the employees of the cafe. The building of the store "JEWELIRTORG PEARL"; people stand at the entrance to the store. City street at night; people get off the bus. City area at the intersection of Kirov Avenue with Moskovskoye Highway; a truck and a trolleybus are passing by; there is a monument to the Il-2 attack aircraft (architect A. Morgun, erected on May 9, 1975) The operatives in the office discuss the details of the capture of the criminals, including Lieutenant Colonel Dyachenko, Captain Bykov. Photos of criminals on the table. Bykov and Dyachenko (behind the scenes) talk about the need to arrest the criminal Saprykin. The operative group officers take Saprykin out of the entrance in handcuffs and put him in a police car. Lieutenant Colonel Dyachenko in his office interrogates (sinhr.) Saprykin; other suspects of a crime; mothers of suspects. The territory of the educational labor colony; there are armed guards; prisoners are marching in formation; clearing snow on the territory of the colony. A paddy wagon drives out of the gate - a car for transporting prisoners. Juvenile criminals on the territory of the colony. Prisoners play wind instruments; talking to relatives in the visiting room. Lieutenant Colonel Dyachenko talks to prisoners. Prisoners talk (sinhr.) About their crimes; about repentance. Saprykin says (sinhr.) That he regrets the crime; about the nerves taken from the mother and health; about plans for the future.
М. Serkov
Film ID
deprivation of liberty
, activities of internal affairs bodies
, internal affairs bodies of the ussr
, specialized industrial stores
, bus
, gai
, public catering
, markets
, dog breeding
, juvenile delinquency
, types of vehicles
, monuments to military equipment
, cities
, taxi
, railway stations
, trolleybus
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova, N. Shumkova
Other Creators
screenwriter E. Kondratov, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor B. Kozhin, director T. Korostelina
Release Date
Has Sound

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