Then in Nyurberg

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The film tells about the 1945 Nuremberg Trials through the eyes of the participants in the trial. The film uses materials from photographs and newsreels. 1 part. Photojournalist E. Khaldei in his workshop shares his memories of the war (sync. And for the frame.). Simultaneous interpreters at the Nuremberg Trials E.E. Schemeleva-Stenin and O.A. Troyanovsky share their memories (sync. And for the frame.). Newsreels: the parade of the Nazis, the speech of A. Hitler, A. Hitler in the cabin of the plane, a view of the destroyed German city; prisoners in a concentration camp. Newsreel footage of the Nuremberg trials: in the courtroom, members of the American, British and Soviet delegations, accused in the dock, simultaneous translator E.E. Schemeleva-Stenin translates during the trial, G. Goering's speech at the trial (sinhr. In German), the accused at the trial take turns approaching the microphone and plead not guilty (sync. In German). 2 part. Newsreel footage: G. Goering is preparing for the hunt, going with the company to hunt. Newsreel footage: the parade of Hitler's troops in Berlin, views of Berlin, the public on the streets. Newsreel footage of the Nuremberg trial: views of the building and the courtroom, the accused in the dock, the Soviet delegation in the courtroom and on the sidelines of the trial, A.A. Vyshinsky in the center of the group; meeting of prosecutors of three parties, speech by the Soviet prosecutor N. Zorya (sinhr.), Landscape of one of the corners of Russia: fields, forest, village. O.A. Troyanovsky and E.E. Schemeleva-Stenina share their memories of the Nuremberg trials (sync. And behind the scenes). Former intelligence officer A.M. Gurevich shares his memories (sync. And for the frame.) About the war. Photojournalist E. Khaldei shares his memories of the process (sync. And for the frame.). Part 3. HER. Schemeleva-Stenina, N. Zorya and O.A. Troyanovsky share their memories of the Nuremberg trials (sync. And behind the scenes.). View of the grave of father N. Zor in Leipzig. Newsreels: The courtroom at the Nuremberg trials, the accused in the dock, the speech of Field Marshal F. Paulus at the Nuremberg trials (sinhr.). The US military is leading the condemned to execution. The pastor reads a prayer. A group of Soviet officers at the scene of the suicide of members of a Nazi family. J. Stalin talks in the Kremlin with the Ambassador of Poland and General Sikorsky. Meeting of the Katyn Commission; among those present the writer A. Tolstoy; interviewing witnesses; burial site commission.
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the great patriotic war
, court
, great britain
, international
, usa
, cities
, germany
, 2nd world war
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O. Zguridi
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