There Are No Extra Hands

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The film tells about the problem in the employment of the population of the Urus-Martan district, where there are only 10 thousand jobs for 40 thousand inhabitants, and also tells about the creation of family teams in the farms of the district. Young people measure their strength using various power meters installed in the Urus-Martan park. General view of the road in the Urus-Martan district. Head of the Labor Department R. D. Nanaev at the RSFSR card, talking on the phone (sync.). The foreman of builders from Checheno-Ingushetia L. Sediev, whose team has been working for many years in the Omsk region on the collective farm named after the XXI Congress of the CPSU, talks about his family team (sinhr.), The so-called. "Shabashniki", without work books. General highway and signpost with the inscription "Collective farm named after XXI Congress of the CPSU." Winter. Cars are passing along the road. General view of a village in the Omsk region: streets, houses, smoke comes from the chimneys, a view of the building of a rural store, which has a van with the words "Overalls". A man walks down the street with buckets. General view of the cowsheds on the collective farm, built by members of the Sediev brigade. Grozny street. People are walking, transport is passing - cars, buses, trolleybuses. A sign on the building with the inscription "State Committee of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic for Labor and Social Issues." Interview with the chairman of the committee, Abdulla Magomedovich Nurtayev (sinhr.). Airport building in Grozny. Cars are parked. Aircraft on the airfield. Passengers board the Tu-134 aircraft. The plane takes off. Interview with the chairman of the labor committee of the Omsk region Nikolai Stepanovich Dyakov, who talks about people who come to work in the region (sinhr.). A panorama of the house of L. Sediev, which he built for the family with money earned in the Omsk region. A car and a tractor with a trailer are driving along the road. General view of the house of the Murzaev family from the Solnechny state farm in the Urus-Martan district. Women and children in the yard. Kids are playing. Malika Murzaeva is sitting in a room at a sewing machine, talking about how many years it took to work to build this house. Maliki's husband says how the money helped from outside earnings (sync. And per shot.) Members of the Murzaev family, working on the collective farm on a family contract, harvest root crops in the field, load them into a tractor trailer. The children of the Murzaevs are working on their personal plot, planting seedlings of vegetables. Part 2. Panorama over the mountains in Checheno-Ingushetia. General view of the house of collective farmer E.M. Kosuev. Laundry is drying on a rope in the yard, a Zhiguli car is parked. E. Kosuev wipes the glass of the car. A woman with a child in her arms. Panorama over the plowed field. E. Kosuev sits in the car, talks about how he never wanted to leave to work, despite the financial difficulties of his large family (sync. And for the frame.). E. Kosuev rides in a car with his older daughters. E.Kosuev says that at first, when the family took a lease contract, it was difficult, but then he rendered great help. One of Kosuev's daughters, Taita, concludes an agreement with the collective farm for a family contract. Registration of documents for a contract. Taita and all family members in the field harvesting tomatoes. Loading boxes with tomatoes into a tractor trailer, delivery to a collective farm collection point. The accountant is counting the harvest handed over by the Kosuev family. The Kosuev family at the cabbage harvest. Taita with a huge head of cabbage. A cabbage truck is driving across the field. General view of a 1 ruble banknote. The builder L. Sediev says that he is calm about money (sinhr.). E. Kochuev says that it is better to have 50 kopecks at home than a ruble on the side. General view of the village of Roshni-Chu in the Urus-Martan district. A woman carries a bucket of water on a rocker. A team of builders is working in the village on the construction of the House of Culture. The pioneers of the village school, under the leadership of the pioneer leader, are preparing for the opening of the House of Culture, rehearsing their performance (sinhr.). The foreman Huseyn Magomedov examines the drawings of the House of Culture, talks about the construction problems that do not allow the House of Culture to be completed on schedule (sinhr.). The pioneers are walking down the street, drummers are walking in front (sync.). The plane takes off from the airfield in Grozny.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
, urban transport
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, state agricultural enterprises
, economy
, livestock
, building
, everyday life
, cities
, plant growing
Number of Parts
B. Nasimov
Other Creators
T. Gantimurova, V. Kachurin, Yu. Litvinov, V. Sabaev
Release Date
Has Sound

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