There Is a Bolshoye Village on the Way

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The film tells about the life of the Ilek village in the Orenburg region. Part 1 A journalist [of a regional newspaper] tells in the first person about the villagers and their occupations. On the way to the village in a Volga car, he reads a newspaper with the titles of articles "... IN THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE CPSU ...", "... COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF THE USSR ...", listens to the radio song "Ilek lyric" ("Male lyric") performed by local chauffeur Alexander Perov to the music of the Orenburg composer A.F. Tsibizov on verses by V.F. Bokova. Ilek residents ride bicycles on a snowy road. The peasant rides in a horse-drawn sleigh. A girl carries buckets of water on a yoke; man chops wood. Obelisk to the Ilek fighters who fell in the Civil War, erected in memory of the revolutionary events. On the central square near the building of the cinema there is a monument to Lenin. Children ride next to the wooden slide. Banners hang on the building of the cinema: "GLORY TO THE CPSU!", "... FOR FREEDOM, PEACE AND HAPPINESS OF ALL PEOPLE IN [THE LIGHT]!", "DECISIONS OF THE XXIII CONGRESS OF THE CPSU ... LIFE!" In the local history museum, on the second floor of the cinema, the teacher conducts a history lesson dedicated to the uprising of E.I. Pugacheva. In the art gallery, visitors can see paintings by local artists and reproductions of Russian painters V. Surikov, V. Serov, V. Perov and many others. other. Rest House "Ostrovok". Young people in their free time swing on a swing, ski, walruses swim in the river. Ural, and fishermen catch fish with a net. In the evening, the windows of the houses shine, smoke comes from the chimneys. An elderly woman in the room is scratching goat fluff, knitting an Orenburg shawl, her [husband] reads the newspaper "South Ural" with articles: "PEOPLE OF THE FOREIGN REGION", "DISCUSSING THE DIRECTIVE DIRECTIVE OF THE XXIII CPSU CONGRESS", "... XVII REGIONAL CONFERENCE" IN LIFE. A schoolgirl is doing her homework, a table lamp is on. In another house, a family is drinking tea from a samovar at a round table. An ambulance, trucks, an off-road vehicle "GAZ" ("goat") are driving along a snowy road in a blizzard. Tractors in the field shovel snow (snow retention). There are power transmission towers along the road. Part 2 Ilek House of Culture with the NDP: "50 YEARS ... TO THE STROLLERS OF THE PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION ...". Its director shows the journalist what young people do after work. An amateur performer of Russian folk songs, student of the zootechnical school Lyubov Korobkina, sings on stage (sinhr. And off-screen), who herself composes poems for songs; she is accompanied by an accordion player. A local resident and the best dancer Nikolai Soldatov performs a Russian dance with a partner. A youth vocal and instrumental ensemble is playing in the foyer, they are singing (sync.) The song "Resurrection" (music by A. Babadzhanyan, art. S. Lyasov), someone is dancing a twist. Dispute in the House of Culture on the topic "What is your happiness, friend?": In the hall there are residents of all ages. Both young people and veterans who have gone through the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War speak about their idea of happiness; among the speakers is Lyubov Korobkina. The participants in the dispute go home. The journalist has newspapers PRAVDA and KOMSOMOL'SKOE TLEMYA on his desk with the article “THE XXIII CPSU CONGRESS OPENS ON MARCH 29,” a volume of poems by A.T. Tvardovsky, a box of cigarettes "Our Brand". In the morning on a snowy road [father] is riding two children on a bicycle. Trucks, an off-road vehicle "GAZ" ("goat") are going by. On the outskirts of the village, schoolchildren with schoolbags come out of the Volga, they wave their hand after the leaving car. The journalist talks to the driver of the car, reads the newspaper with the article: “THERE IS A BIG VILLAGE ON THE WAY”. There is a power line by the road. A flock of sheep is grazing, there is snow on the field.
V. Kastelyan
Film ID
bytsel population
, individual transport
, complex museums
, congresses of the kpss
, club type institutions
, general education schools
, at home
, leisure of youth
, livestock
, types of vehicles
, secondary education
, hobbies
, artistic activities
, forms and methods of advocacy work
, cities
, hobby
, periodic print types
Number of Parts
K. Urbanovich
Other Creators
scriptwriter R. Budantseva, ass. operator N. Sharapov, editor A. Stepanov, sound engineer I. Shchenov, directors K. Khalzov,
Release Date
Has Sound

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