There Is Protection

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The eternal flame is burning. Transport movement along the embankment near the Kremlin. People on the streets of Moscow. Street of one of the European cities. The door to the bomb shelter opens. Bunk beds in one of the hideout rooms. The employee is at the instruments. Architectural workshop: specialists are designing a bomb shelter in a new neighborhood. One of the new neighborhoods (filmed from above). Construction site: construction of a protective structure. Panorama of a modern shelter under the building of a large enterprise. View of one of the shops of an automobile plant. Workers collect cars. Panorama of workers' household rooms. Protective structures made of concrete slabs erected in a short time. A village in the mountains, a woman postman rides a bicycle along the road. The postman delivers home a reminder of the location of the shelter. A passer-by on the street tells where to hide in case of alarm (synchronously). Exercises in Civil Defense: students get on the bus, drive. View of the anti-radiation shelter in the countryside. A cellar in a rural house, equipped as a shelter. Rural Civil Defense Exercise: Issuance of personal protective equipment in the center of the village; checking gas masks for tightness. Training on filling protective structures: rural kindergarten; the siren sounds; educators take children to the anti-radiation shelter in the basement; children sit at tables in the shelter. View of the old castle in the mountains. The interiors of the castle. Adaptation of castles, catacombs, underground workings, caves for shelters. A panorama of a salt mine used for the treatment of asthmatic patients. Panorama of a cafe in a mine. The siren sounds. Evacuation of people. Training equipment for shelter premises. Teaching the personnel of bomb shelters. The commandant of one of the shelters is on the phone. Issuance of gas masks to employees of the enterprise. Stowing food in the shelter. Asylum medical center. Radio and telephone communications. Cars go through a tunnel in Moscow. Exit from the metro station "Prospekt Marksa". Safety gates in one of the underground passages. Passengers go down the escalator in the subway. Accessories for sheltering people in the subway. A woman with a child on the street is talking about protection during the war (synchronously). Stork in a nest on the roof of a rural house. Entrance to the Shcherbakovskaya metro station.
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urban transport
, building
, public catering
, settlements
, civil defense
, postal communication
, preschool education
, landscapes
, cities
, automotive industry
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