They Forged Weapons of Victory

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A film about the creation and development of Soviet artillery and small arms. The film uses materials from the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineering and Signal Corps, factory museums in the cities of Kovrov and Tula. Moscow city. The building of the Main Artillery Directorate. Colonel engineer, historian-weapons expert IA Glotov gives interviews (synchronously). Photos of the designer of the light machine gun "Maxim", pistols of various systems F. V. Tokarev. Photos of the designer of an automatic rifle, automatic machine V.G. Fedorov. City of Carpets. Streets, buildings. House and workshop of V. A. Degtyarev. Photos of employees of the Degtyarev Design Bureau: GS Shpagin, SG Simonov, T. Goryunov, Ya. U. Roschepey and others. Portraits and photographs of designers and inventors of artillery weapons: A. N. Krylov, I. P. Grave, N. F. Drozdov, E. A. Berkalov, P. A. Gelvikh, F. F. Lender, V. M. Trofimov , B. I. Shavyrina, V. G. Grabin, F. F. Petrov. Chronicle of the Second World War: production processes in the defense industry, design engineers at work, artillery combat. Interview with MT Kalashnikov (synchronously). Photos by M. T. Kalashnikov. Chronicle: combat operations of the Katyusha rocket launcher, the movement of the launcher. Portraits of A. Popov, V. N. Talkovsky, I. I. Guay. The building of the artillery academy in Leningrad. Exercises at the training ground. Military parade on Red Square in Moscow.
A. Gerasimov
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professional education
, armed forces
, defense industry
, military science
, 2nd world war
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V. Ropeiko
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