They Wont Sleep without Us

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The film calls for a healthy lifestyle, demonstrates examples of antisocial behavior of drinking people. Cartoons of alcoholics. Shadows on the wall from drinking "for three" men. A saleswoman sells vodka bottles to customers in the wine and vodka section of the store. A man in a cafe under the table pours vodka into glasses. Men are drinking in a clearing in the forest, with a teenager. G. Kiev, summer, football stadium, spectators in the stands. Drunk men at the police station. - the faces of the police in the office. A drunken man in the police station makes faces, insults the police. A drunk man sleeps on a bed in a sobering-up center. An alcoholic's dream - rest in the country boarding house "Charka". Police officers take the moonshine still from the barn from the moonshiner, the woman desperately resists. A large bottle of moonshine in the hands of a policeman. A dog on a chain runs around the booth, barks. Fire in the house - wooden floors are crumbling. The defendant stands in front of the judge in the courtroom. A woman at a comradely trial talks about how her alcoholic husband humiliated her in front of children. The boy talks about life with his father - a drunkard. Meeting in the machine shop of one of the enterprises - condemn the drinking worker. A man speaks in front of a microphone on behalf of the factory committee, talks about the fate of the drunkard comrade. Dziuba. Dziuba stands in front of his comrades, repents of drunkenness, truancy. Dziuba's comrades in the shop speak from the rostrum with condemnation of his behavior. General view of the workshop during the meeting. The workers vote unanimously to believe Dziuba's promises to improve and keep him at work.
I. Goldstein
Film ID
, sports
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, state trade
, militia
, medicine
Number of Parts
I. Goldstein
Other Creators
Screenplay by N. Bilkun, sound engineer I. Renkov, consultant - police colonel N. Konyakhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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