Thinking About You Motherland

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent city. The second festival of Greek political emigrants. The festival is opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee Papacostas. The guest of honor from Greece, a veteran of the Resistance, General Cyclitiras, raises the festival flag. The athlete lights the fire of the festival. Speakers: First Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece K. Koliyannis, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan R. Nishanov, member of the Greek Resistance M. Troyanos, representatives of the Spanish, Iranian Communist Parties, representative of the delegations of Greek political emigrants from socialist countries. A solemn procession through the stadium of standard-bearers, musicians, children; performance of dances, songs, performances. Meeting of veterans of the Greek National Resistance and veterans of the Great Patriotic War; M. Troyanos is speaking. The delegation of the Greek Communist Party lays a wreath at the monument to the 14 commissars of Turkestan. A scene from the play "When Atridda ..." performed by artists of the National Theater of Greek political emigrants. Children of Greek political emigrants dance Uzbek dances, spend their free time in the Tashkent children's park (ride a boat, on carousels). Exhibition of the achievements of Greek political emigrants in production, in studies, art, opened in the lobby of the club. Scientific conference of members of the Scientific and Technical Society of Political Emigrants. Speakers with reports: D. Kapuras, G. Syros, A. Harlampidou. Concert at the Palace of Arts on the final day of the festival. Performance of songs, dances.
E. Durmusoglu
Film ID
scientific connections
, cultural connections
, relaxation
, club type institutions
, theatre
, international law
, music
Number of Parts
T. Babadjanov, T. Nadyrov
Other Creators
Sound by Y. Sboev, text by N. Dadabaev, music by N. Zelenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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