This Incomprehensible Galimzyanov

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A film about a resident of Tatarstan, a peasant awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, a carter and benefactor Asgat Galimzyanovich Galimzyanov. Part 1 City of Kazan. A. G. Carrier Galimzyanov rides in a cart on the street of Kazan, plays the accordion at the collective farm market. Market sellers talk about the gratuitous transfer of A.G. Galimzyanov one hundred thousand rubles for the children of the Kazan Children's Home (sinhr.). A.G. Galimzyanov with children of the Kazan Orphanage, who are dressed in fur coats bought with his money. Children in the playroom. The building of the mosque. Street musicians. The sculptor at work on the bust of A.G. Galimzyanov. The house and furnishings of the room in which A.G. Galimzyanov. Interview with A.G. Galimzyanov and his neighbors (sinhr.). There is a plaque on the building with the inscription: “TASSR. Executive Committee of the Kazan City Council of People's Deputies ". On the table is a folder with the inscription: "Case No. 227. Galimzyanov A.G." Documents from the Case. Newsreels: A.G. Galimzyanov in the podium on the stage, decorated with a banner with the inscription: "Decisions of the XXVII Congress of the CPSU in life" Orthodox priest and imam in the meeting hall; weightlifter V. Dikul and A.G. Galimzyanov are shaking hands, A.G. Galimzyanov talks with the host of the television program "In the world of animals" NN Drozdov; Alexander Likhanov, chairman of the Lenin Soviet Children's Fund, talks about Galimzyanov's charitable activities (sinhr.); A.G. Galimzyanov. Part 2 View of one of the villages of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, where A.G. Galimzyanov. A flock of sheep on the street. A young man is leading a horse down the street. The women are stirring up the hay. The house where A.G.'s sister lives. Galimzyanov. Galimzyanov's sister in the hut shows photographs of her parents. Snowy field. Interview with the former chairman of the collective farm F.G. Rakhimov, in which he says that the Galimzyanov family left the village (sinhr.). An interview with a locomotive driver, in which he talks about Galimzyanov's hard work (sinhr.). A.G. Galimzyanov at home and in a hairdressing salon. The building of the State Agroindustrial Committee of the Tatar ASSR in Kazan. Chairman of the agroindustry of Tataria N.G. Emwald in his office during a conversation with A.G. Galimzyanov says that the issue of expanding his economy has been resolved (sinhr.). Construction of a farm for A.G. Galimzyanova: builders are putting wooden poles; loading bulls onto a car. Cows in the pen. Trampled road. Church on the hill. Boarded up huts, a closed church in the village [Kaymary]. An elderly woman carries buckets of water on a rocker. Nettles near an abandoned hut. Galimzyanov bypasses a dilapidated stone building, a church. A.G. Galimzyanov says that we will restore the church and open the store (behind the scenes). Snowy field. Part 3 A.G. Galimzyanov in the corridor of the institution, at a table in a room, on a city farm distributes food to gobies, shows rotten silage and is outraged by its quality (sync). Selling meat on the market; butcher chops meat. Sale of grapes. A.G. Galimzyanov rides in a cart down the street. Mosque. An interview with a Muslim cleric, in which he says that a person who raised an orphan to adulthood will be rewarded by Allah in the future paradise (sinhr). The former chairman of the collective farm F.G. Rakhimov, chairman of the Agroprom of Tatarstan N.G. Emvald, a policeman express different opinions about the activities of A.G. Galimzyanov (sinhr.). The bank employee is counting the money. A.G. Galimzyanov poses for the sculptor in the studio. The furnishings of Galimzyanov's room. Laundry is drying in the yard on a rope. An old two-storey house. Galimzyanov in a new apartment. A group of sightseers climbs the stairs in the museum. Sculpture of workers, sculpture of V. I. Lenin in his youth. Printed materials about A.G. Galimzyanov and his photograph with the pupils of the Kazan Children's Home on the stand in the museum.
A. Privin
Film ID
central bodies of state power
, private trade
, rural settlements
, local authorities
, bytsel population
, building
, consumer services
, bytgorodskogo population
, christianity
, homelessness and neglect
, villages
, museums
, islam
, cities
, sculpture
, charity
Number of Parts
A. Privin
Other Creators
Scriptwriters V. Gerasimov, M. Razbezhkina, sound engineer A. Khramova, editor V. Pranova, director L. Kuzina
Release Date
Has Sound

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