This Is How Muscovites Build

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Moscow city. Views of the Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow River. Gorky Street (Tverskaya). Leninsky prospect. Streets, alleys of the city. Transport, pedestrian traffic. New residential area on the site of the village of Mazilovo near Moscow. Residential buildings. Playground. Asphalting the street. New residential area Khoroshevo-Mnevniki. Streets, buildings. Construction area. Research Institute of Building Structures. House exterior panel tests. Institute staff V. A. Kameiko, professor Mikhailov, doctor of technical sciences Mironov, E. G. Rat at work. Institute for Experimental Design. Development of the project of a nine-story house in the studio of the architect V.P. Lagutenko. The laboratory of the architect E. G. Rats. Manufacturing of lightweight blocks at one of the factories in Moscow. Meeting of the Moscow Architectural and Construction Council. Production processes at Krasnopresnensky, Rostokinsky house-building factories, production of heat-insulating plates at the Mytishchi plant. Construction of the second half of the Moscow ring road. Construction of a boarding house on the Klyazminskoye reservoir. Construction of a house in the city of Kryukov (Zelenograd). Construction of the Palace of Pioneers on the Lenin Hills, the terminal building on Leningradsky Prospekt. Hotel "Youth". Construction of a metro station. Moscow region. The city of Mytishchi. Old and new houses.
B. Nebylickiy
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technical chemistry
, technical physics
, out-of-school education
, public service
, architecture
, building
, spa assistance
, construction industry
, applied mechanics
, cities
, automotive industry
, air transport
, applied
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B. Nebylickiy, A. Vorontsov, L. Mikhailov, M. Prudnikov
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