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The film was created for the 50th anniversary of the formation of the USSR. Landscapes. Vineyards. Apple orchards. Collection of apples, grapes. Collective farm "Biruintsa". Arrival to the collective farm of the Italian journalist B. Ugolini. B. Ugolini talks with Chairman A. Popov. The main square of the collective farm. House of Culture. Hospital. Kindergarten. Monument to those killed in the war. Eternal flame. Meeting of the collective farm board. School. Teacher Kanikovsky is giving a lesson. Rural bookstore. University. Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Moldavian SSR. Scientists, university graduates: Lazarenko, M. Bologa, Andrunakievich, Belyaev. Chisinau city. Streets. Pass: a young couple with a stroller, a groom with a bride. Buildings, shops: department store, food, departments: vegetable, wine. Wine underground city - Krikovo. Tasting room. The scientist, honored winemaker P. N. Unguryan is tasting wine. School of Winemaking and Viticulture "Gratieste". Students in the classroom. Factories: "Mikroprovod", Chisinau tractor, assembly shop, worker, deputy S. Mindrianu at work, at a meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, shoe factory "Zorile", cutter, deputy Vera Sergeevna Odobescu at work, receives a delegation from the GDR in the Moldavian branch of the Union Soviet societies for friendship and cultural ties with foreign countries. People's Artist M. Biesu at the airport goes on tour to the United States. Artist M. Codreanu. The musicians are playing, the ensemble is dancing.
E. Zalkind
Film ID
medical services for the population
, the great patriotic war
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, cultural connections
, agricultural engineering
, club type institutions
, higher education
, winemaking
, leather and footwear industry
, preschool education
, higher state bodies
, trade
, plant growing
, music
Number of Parts
V. Usanov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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