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A film about the restructuring and important events that took place in the Norilsk industrial region. The city of Norilsk. The work of the Norilsk mining and processing plant: drifters of the brigade of Yu. A. Dubatov at the construction of the ventilation shaft of the Mayak mine; opening of a new workshop for the production of Azerite; work of the paint and varnish line at the plant of mineral wool products; smelting metal at a copper plant. Installation of new lines at the bakery. Acceptance of the meat-processing shop into operation. Commissioning of the Kureiskaya hydroelectric power station. Opening of a swimming pool in a children's clinic in the city of Kayerkan, opening of an interschool plant "Smena" in the specialized management of the construction of the plant. Classes in the display class at the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant. "Seeing Off the Russian Winter" holiday. Rest of children in the pioneer camp "Taezhny", workers of the plant in the rest house on the lake Lama. Classes at the children's art school in Kayerkan. Reconstruction of the Zapolyarnik stadium and the holding of a hockey tournament for the RSFSR championship among juniors at the stadium of the Arktika Sports Palace. Presentation of party cards to the Hero of Socialist Labor, the worker of the nickel plant NN Mikhailov and the foreman of the Talnakhpromstroy complex brigade DE Korneichuk. Joint meeting of the scientific and technical council of the USSR State Construction Committee on the problems of foundation construction in permafrost conditions. Meeting of the 6th plenum of the Norilsk city party organization.
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, mining industry
, metallurgy
, out-of-school education
, leisure
, food industry
, communist parties
, sports
, building
, chemical industry
, health care
, public life
, economic policy
, utilities
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Kovtun, Bataev, Vorivodin, Bakotin, Dzhokhadze, Mikhailishin
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