This Is Where the Sea Begins

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The film tells about the Leningrad Naval Nakhimov School. FIRST PART. Stills from the film "Admiral Nakhimov" (1946). Bust of Admiral P.S. Nakhimov. General view of the building of the Leningrad Naval Nakhimov School. Dedication to the Nakhimovites on the deck of the cruiser "Aurora". General view of the "Aurora". A detachment of Nakhimovites enters the school building, the cadets disperse to their classes. Educator Warrant Officer P. A. Budenkov conducts a lesson. Math lesson. Mothers accompany their sons to the school. The cadets are having lunch in the dining room. Cook by the stove in the kitchen. The officer on duty pours naval borscht into plates. Nakhimovites take care of flowers in the winter garden. Pets' corner. Summer camp of the school on the shores of Lake Nakhimov (Leningrad region). The duty officer sweeps the path in the camp. The bugler plays the climb. Cadets march to exercise along a forest road. Exercising on the football field. The detachment goes to wash to the lake. Medical examination ashore. The ruler, the raising of the naval flag, the commander of the school, Rear Admiral V.G. Bakardzhiev, greets the Nakhimovites, the cadets answer. Excellence students bring the pioneer banner to the lineup. V.G. Bakardzhiev takes a parade of pioneers. A cadet washes a wooden pier at Lake Nakhimov, boats on the pier. A detachment of Nakhimovites lined up on the pier, the commander gives the order. Cadets are preparing boats for the campaign. The commander teaches cadets to row correctly, teaches signaling business. Math lesson by the lake. THE SECOND PART OF. Warrant officer P.A.Budenkov teaches pupils to shoot a rifle on the shores of Lake Nakhimov. A football match between the teams of the school on the field, spectators are sitting on the benches. Among the spectators - V.G. Bakardzhiev. Fragments of the match. Sunday, cadets ride the pioneers who have come to visit them on boats on the lake under the leadership of midshipman P.A. Budenkov. Sunset on the lake. G. Leningrad, cadets go to classes at the school along the corridor, enter the classroom. English lesson, cadet Morozov answers. The last chemistry lesson of the senior year. The holiday of the last bell at the school. Solemn meeting of the President of the Council of State of Cuba Fidel Castro at the school. The first commissar of the cruiser "Aurora" AV Belyshev, his comrades in arms and the Nakhimovtsy of junior courses meet F. Castro on board the "Aurora". Leningraders on the embankment welcome the Cuban guest. Graduates of the Nakhimov School are sworn in on board the cruiser Aurora. Warrant officer P.A. Budenkov is walking with the banner along the gangplank, followed by the musicians of the military brass band. One of the graduates reads the text of the oath in front of the line of graduates. Colonel Bystrov stands next to his son Oleg during the taking of the oath. V.G. Bakardzhiev - square. Nakhimovites say goodbye to the school, kiss the banner. A panorama of the faces of graduates. Warships sail on the sea among the waves.
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Number of Parts
V.A. Spiridonov
Other Creators
Sound engineer V.I. Andrievsky, consultants Captain I rank A.A. Stenin, lieutenant colonel D.I. El'yanov, scriptwriter V.V. Eliseev
Release Date
Has Sound

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