This Land Is My Soul

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The film tells about the life and creative path of the outstanding Kabardian poet - educator, the founder of Kabardian Soviet literature Ali Askhadovich Shogentsukov (1900-1941) In a figurative and poetic form, the film recreates the atmosphere of the poet's childhood and youth, his multifaceted creative activity and tragic death. The 90th anniversary of Ali Shogentsukov in his homeland in Baksan alternates with the memoirs of his contemporaries, documentary photographs, landscapes of Kabardino - Balkaria. Part 1 Photos of Ali Shogentsukov from different periods of his life. Kabardino-Balkarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Baksan. A solemn meeting dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Ali Shogentsukov. Speakers are the chairman of the Baksan District Council of People's Deputies Zaurbi Akhmedovich Nakhushev, the Balkarian poet Salikh Sultanbekovich Gurtuev, the Adyghe poet, writer Zaurbiy Magometovich Naloev. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Ali Shogentsukov: children dancing in national costumes; food is prepared in cauldrons, equestrian competitions; elders in hats; participants of the holiday listen to the performance of Z. Nakhushev Landscapes of Elbrus. Sheep graze on the lawn near the house in the village. Plowed land. Mountain road. A man rides a donkey-drawn cart along a mountain road. Types of the Baksan river. The boys are leading a horse along the river bank. Service in the mosque. Lesson in a Muslim school. Ukrainian SSR, Crimea, Bakhchisarai. The building of the former Gasprinsky school. Streets of Bakhchisarai. Tombs and a mosque of the Bakhchisarai Palace. Black Sea, rocky coast. Part 2 G. Baksan. View of the city from a high point. Celebrating the 90th anniversary of Ali Shogentsukov. The youth dance ensemble performs on the stage. The writer Andrei Khanashkhovich Khakuashev tells his fellow countrymen about the poet. Secondary school number 2, High school students show scenes from the play "Madina", the teacher of literature Tsatsa Bardova conducts an open lesson. Artists of the ensemble "Kabardinka" dance "Cafu" on the street in front of the audience. A boy in a national costume reads poetry in the Kabardian language. Monument to Ali Shogentsukov, schoolchildren are at the monument. Nurkhan Phukova, a teacher at the Verkhnekurkuzhinsky school, walks along the school corridor, telling children about Ali Shugentsukov. A girl reads A. Shogentsukov's poem "Spring". The village of Nizhny Kurguzhin. Stacking. Sheep graze on the hillside. Valley of Baksan. Road, cars are going Autumn. The top of the hill, overgrown with trees. Mount Kyzburun at sunset. G. Nalchik. Former soloist of the Kabardinka ensemble Maria Temrokova walks along the park alley, enters the building of the former real school, climbs the stage of the assembly hall, talks about Ali Shogentsukov, dances Kafu on the stage. Panorama of Nalchik (filmed from a high point).
M. Gnesin
Film ID
, rural settlements
, school education
, literature
, islam
, sheep breeding
, artistic activities
, monuments
, horse breeding
, music
Number of Parts
V. Kipin
Other Creators
B. Bakuev, K. Dyshekova, O. Kazdokhov, M. Gnesina, E. Kraevoy, N. Kuznetsov, I. Makarova, M. Shakova, B. Shibzukhov, A. Khakuashev
Release Date
Has Sound

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