Thoughts on the Kulikovo Field

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Kulikovo field. Monument (removed from the span). Don landscape. Herd of horses in the water. Temple of S. Radonezhsky. The sky is overcast. Setting sun. Icon of the Donskoy Mother of God. Exhibition. Visitors to the exhibition. Museum exhibits: miniatures "D. Donskoy before the army", "Duel of Peresvet with Chelubey". Palekh artists Kulandin and N. Brgacheva at work. Artist A. N. Chernikov, engraver S. M. Kharlamov at work. Kharlamov's works: "Walking Host", "D. Donskoy", "Sergius of Radonezh". Composer Y. Ovchinnikov at the piano. Score. Pictures of artists Y. Raksha, I. Putyatin, Naumkin, Arkhipov. The writer Loshits reads an excerpt from his book (synchronously). The restorer Cherevataya talks about the work on the restoration of the monuments of the Kulikovo field (synchronously). Andronnikov monastery. The monastery garden. Temple. Domes of the churches of the Moscow Kremlin. Sculpture "Russia is my homeland". Sculptor Usachev at work. Bas-relief depicting D. Donskoy, S. Radonezhsky. Ceremony of lighting the Eternal Flame on the day of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo. People go to the monument. Solemn ceremony on the field of giving military honors to the fallen heroes. Soldiers and officers in a moment of silence, laying a garland at the foot of the monument. The ceremony of bowing the banner and flags to the monument. Meeting. Government members and guests of honor at Kulikovo Field during ceremonies. Among them: A. Karpov, V. Sevastianov, A. Nikolaev. Troop parade. Artist I. Ledogorov reads poetry (synchronously). General view of the Kulikov field. The choir and orchestra performs Glinka's "Glory".
B. Karpov
Film ID
applied art
, monuments of history and architecture
, religion
, literature
, sculpture
, painting
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A. Kolobrodov
Other Creators
There is no data
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