Three Stories About Nadya Rusheva

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The film tells about the young artist Nadya Rusheva. A math lesson in the senior classes of one of the Moscow schools. Schoolchildren are sitting at their desks, writing in notebooks. The teacher at the blackboard explains the topic. The student answers from the spot. Wall newspaper. Nadya Rusheva talks about her drawings, about the school (behind the scenes). A technician washes the floor in the school hallway. The guys are preparing for cleaning in the classroom, making up the desks. The girl washes the window in the classroom. The boy plays the guitar in the class, the guys are singing. Nadya Rusheva walks through the rooms in the old house, looks out the window. View of the Church of All Saints on Kulishki, rain, cars and buses are driving along Nogin Square (modern Slavyanskaya Square). Solyanka street perspective. Arbat lanes, a panorama of the bas-reliefs on old houses. Two elderly women are walking down the street in the center of Moscow, it is snowing and raining. Types of churches in the city center, many of them dilapidated. - the domes of Moscow churches. Old Arbat (filmed from the top floor of the house). Old gateways, it is snowing. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva - illustrations of M. Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita". Nadya Rusheva draws on the street.
I. Trakhtengerts
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Yu. Klimenko
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