Tibulas Palette

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The film tells about the commonwealth of North Ossetian artists who call themselves the Brotherhood of Free Artists of Ossetia "Tibul". This brotherhood was created in 1987. The goal of the Brotherhood is to help free artists, create conditions for their creative activity, and contribute to the development of culture and art. 1 part. North Ossetia. Vladikavkaz. 1995 A girl-artist paints a picture, standing on the street in front of an old building. Pupils of the kindergarten, together with their teachers, cross the roadway of one of the streets of Vladikavkaz, servicemen are walking along the streets of the city, women are walking with children, people are passing by. Sale of stationery on Vladikavkaz street. An elderly man with a stick crosses the street. View of the cities (filmed from the top point with the departure from the window opening). Mikhail Kodoev - Commander of the Brotherhood of Artists "Tibul" in his workshop, talks about how in the old days there were brotherhoods of artisans, for example, the brotherhood of masons who built temples. The artist says that brotherhood is built not only on creative collaboration, but also on spiritual unity (sync. And for the frame.). View of the masonry wall of one of the ancient buildings of Vladikavkaz, where the "Brotherhood of Free Artists of the World" is located - the North Ossetian creative association "Tibul". Fragments of one of the newsreels "North Caucasus" for 1991: b / w newsreel footage: the artist Mikhail Kodoev - the commander of "Tibula" in his workshop, talks about how their community arose, that the purpose of the Brotherhood is to help the gifted, but unknown to anyone artists (sync. and per frame.) Elena Toropova in the Brotherhood since 1988. Artist Elena Toropova sits in the courtyard, examines her drawings, throws some of them into the fire, talks about the idea of creating a Brotherhood of Artists (per frame). A model in the studio, Elena Toropova paints her portrait against the background of a burning fireplace. Elena Toropova and her daughter are walking down the street, talking. Elena Toropova talks about her daughter (sinhr.), About how she paints her portraits. General view of the portraits of the artist's daughter, starting from her early childhood. Sergei Gasiev in the Brotherhood since 1991. Artist Sergei Gasiev turns on the gramophone, music sounds. Sergei Gasiev works in the workshop. Paintings of the artist in the style of the Ossetian primitive. Sergei Gasiev talks about the Brotherhood (off-screen) Gennady Abramov has been with the Brotherhood since 1987. Panorama based on one of the artist's paintings. Gennady Abramov works in a workshop, talks about his work (sync. And behind the scenes.). The artist paints an icon. The artist says that his spirituality does not prevent him from selling his paintings, painted to order (sinhr.). Panorama of the building on one of the streets of Vladikavkaz. A view of a painting by the wall of a house for sale on the street. Two girls look at the paintings. Merab Kochiev in the Brotherhood since 1991. Merab Kochiev at home with children. Merab talks about how he came from Georgia, about his meeting with the members of the Brotherhood (sinhr.). Merab's wife is cooking in the kitchen. The interiors of the room in Merab's workshop. Pictures of the artist Merab Kochiev. Mikhail Kodoev talks about Merab Kochiev (per frame).
V. Tsalikov
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, everyday life
, painting
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M. Nemyssky
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