Time Is Future Number Is Plural

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The film is about the complex and multifaceted process of creativity, about the creative possibilities of a person. 1 part Crimea. The ancient city of Chersonesos on the outskirts of Sevastopol. Columns, ruins of walls. Staging: heroes of ancient Greek mythology Daedalus and Icarus in Chersonesos. The inventor, creator of the theremin instrument, Lev Sergeevich Theremin, plays the instrument with his granddaughter. L.S.Termen's story about the theremin, about his meeting with V.I. Lenin, about his inventions (sinhr., Behind the scenes). Ukraine, Vinnitsa. Pupils of secondary school number 17 on the lesson in the circle of aircraft modeling. Physics teacher Yu. Pasikhov talks about the work of the circle and its meaning (sync., Behind the scenes). Schoolchildren carry sand on stretchers at the construction site of the club in the basement. The director of the club talks about his plans (sinhr.). Estonia, Tallinn. Director of the Tallinn Construction and Mechanical College A. Altmäe talks about the training of specialists (sinhr.). The poster of the ball of the graduates of the technical school. Part 2 Staging: Daedalus and Icarus in Chersonesos. Ukraine, Vinnitsa. Cloakroom, foyer, signboard of the technical school of electronic devices. Students work on microcircuits in the laboratory. Meeting of members of the Vinnytsia association of scientific and technical services "Integral", working on the basis of the collective contracting method; Director D. Berenshtein is speaking. Students report on the completion of their assignments (sync.). D. Berenshtein talks about the organization of work (behind the scenes). High school students working under a contract with Integral perform the task of installing software on a computer. D. Berenshtein works at a computer. Model airplanes in the yard. The teacher of the Vinnytsia technical school of electronic devices, director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth (NTTM) V. Arkhipov speaks about the importance of scientific and technical creativity (sinhr., Behind the scenes). Students in the laboratory working on microcircuits. The bus is in the courtyard of the technical school. V. Arkhipov and a sound engineer in the corridor of the technical school. L.S. Theremin at home recalls his stay in the United States (sinhr.). Hang gliders in training. View of one of the streets of Vinnitsa. Part 3. Prosecutor S. Burdeyny speaks about the results of checking the activities of Integral. (sync.). L.S. Theremin talks about his rationalization proposals while serving time in a camp near Magadan, recalls his birth (sinhr., Off-screen). Staging. Daedalus and Icarus in Chersonesos. A young man with a torch walks along an ancient street in Chersonesos.
Y. Zmorovich
Film ID
secondary vocational education
, out-of-school education
, school education
, hang gliding sport
, invention
, monumentshistoryculture
Number of Parts
N. Bondar
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Rusakovskaya, music by N. Termen and S. Letov, editor T. Uspenskaya, sound engineer A. Shamagin
Release Date